ON AUGUST 4, 1994 AT 2:40 PM


“Why would I not speak through such a gifted child as this one, when I remember how she worked in My Name to conquer odds that, at that time, were many times insurmountable.  I was constantly with her, and so were Others Here with Me.

This Blessing that The Father has so generously given to the world is One of Utmost Importance, Necessity and Beauty.

When mankind goes to school to learn a subject, or subjects that are to be beneficial in life, there is challenge, dedication, and certain areas of work to accomplish good results.

So it is with This Gift of Divine Love.  Many subjects have been taught and there has been much repetition on them, because through repetitiveness there is the ability to retain more.

Children of all ages must be taught about This Beautiful Miracle, and also taught the subjects It covers from All Here in the Heavens.

This Blessing would be difficult to describe to those who make it a practice of rejecting God, but even then there is a good chance some will be touched, and begin a new way of life because of the learning about the importance of purity and impurity, Sainthood over damnation.

There is so much Love in This Miracle, and those who are close to It are Blessed abundantly.  Those who will be touched through the written Words will be touched and given strength beyond what they could ever realize.  So be it.”

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