ON OCTOBER 2, 1994 AT 3:17 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  I have spoken many times through this little one who has been given the Task to pass to millions, Instructions in how to live a life supported by not just belief, but by practicing, in Faith, what is necessary for the Soul that was given at the moment of conception.

Though it is difficult for men and women of advanced theological learning to understand such a simple approach that passes through This Miracle, because they feel that if it was truly from The Father or from Any of Us, it would be dictated in a much more highly educational manner.  I ask this question: ‘Is not simplicity the easiest and the most idealistic form, manner, to learn by and from?’

Thousands and thousands and thousands of Words have been said in such a simple form, to give men, women and children of all ages, all races, all colors, all creeds, a simple yet Complete Direction to follow to become ‘Saints’.

The word ‘Saint’ has been pushed to the background, placed in a category of non-existence, denial, saying that this Purpose for human life is a thing of the past, not for now, and in no way to be concerned about reaching It when the human way is done.

There is so much advanced knowledge in books, concentrating on words that do not say in an understandable way, what is best, what is right, what is correct.

Even though there is much talk, acceptation of what has been presented in the form of a Catechism, I must say this:  It is complicated theological concept and must be seen to need more explanation because the rhetoric, though it has attracted many, lacks the simplicity to understandability for most who will read it, who will try to follow, who will try to learn more about what Sound Christianity is all about.

So many times mankind complicates the most simple fact or facts, to make a subject matter more interesting, appearing as a great work of intellectual backing.  It is time for mankind to see that the most important Lesson, Facts, Directives, in connection with sound spirituality and the Goal intended for all Souls, is put simply through a Statement: ‘It is important to follow in all areas of life, sound moral values, sound moral standards, purity of mind, body and Soul.’  So be it.”

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