ON OCTOBER 3, 1994 AT 1:50 PM


“I am Saint Agnes.

I have come on this day to request of you to be sure that young people hear of This Miracle, be instructed regarding what It is all about, and be taught what It says.

There is a great abstinence of valuable instruction to young people at this time.  Many times they are handed a book, expecting them to read it, to understand it, and apply it to their way of life.  There is sadness to this approach, because many times the most simple directive must be explained so it can be absorbed and it can be put to practical use.

This Precious Gift of Love is not just for those who have reached higher years, but for all, even the very smallest, because you see, Instruction on what is good or what pertains to The Father, little ones absorb like little sponges, and believe it or not, it remains within their being even though they do not speak about it, and perhaps sometimes it does not show through their actions.

I beseech all who read These Books, all who have heard personally the Truth in Wisdom, in Logic, in Hope, in Love, ‘Teach It to all you come in contact with and never forget, when you pass It on you create a chain of events, because the little ones will one day pass It on to others.’  So be it.”

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