ON JANUARY 5, 1995 AT 6:00 PM


“There have been many times in History that I have appointed, I have chosen ‘a particular child’ to teach, to instruct, to direct, to accompany other children on a Path designed by Me for the benefit of Souls.  So many in the world would say I would not speak.  I, your Father say, ‘I speak oftentimes in many ways when there is a decision to be made, a decision that will be for the benefit of a child’s Soul or the Souls of many.’

As I have placed This Particular Miracle upon the earth to give to mankind My Love, My Direction, My Hopes, I have oftentimes extended through a small voice a Love beyond mankind’s understanding or ability to imitate.  This little one through whom I speak has for many, many, many years been subject to My Voice, My Way, My Intentions, long before it was announced publicly that it would be this way.  As I hold her deeply, it would be difficult for many to fully understand the amount of Power I use to reach in such a manner, so direct, man.

The time in which you live is a difficult time, for there are many who are walking a tightrope over an abyss that is holding a multitude of evil forms that are controlled by the enemy of Me and man.  I have shown her the abyss and it is too much for her to handle, for I put her on the tightrope, and as they reached up, the scene was one of total horror to her mind and the Portion of her that I use to extend My Will to man.

I will release her slowly from this sight, and I will erase most of it from her, because it is too difficult for her to see such a view of demonic aggressiveness that mankind is subjecting their Souls to in so many ways.  I am still releasing the sight.  She says to Me: ‘It is a horror.  It is evil.  I cannot bear it.’

As you speak on progress, you see it in the eyes of man.  All the Directions I have passed through this little one Myself, and Others Who are Here with Me, must be delivered throughout the world.

Man has been targeted by the enemy, and These Words from Here will save many Souls.  Some men would say, for such a mission as This: ‘Why was such a little one chosen?  Why was it not someone who had a strong voice, a strong body, and appear as a great leader, to be able to attract volumes of listeners, readers, to get attention to such a Project?’

I, your Father, have chosen a very small one, but a very true one to My Word.  Her genteelness and her gentleness, in many ways is a tower of strength in ways mankind does not always see strength.

What has been spoken on this day must be accomplished, because of the need throughout the world for All that has been given for the benefit of mankind to be able to make sound judgments, sound reasoning, for the Purpose I intended for all Souls.

Little ones should be taught that there is more to them than their legs, their arms, their abilities, their brain, their eyes.  Little ones must be taught that these senses must be automatically volunteered to seek what is right, what is moral, what is sound, what is good, what is valuable, what is practical for the Soul.

I speak so much through this little one in daily conversation.  Sometimes some will look at her and feel that what she is saying does not seem to be coming from her, but they do not understand what they feel or the reason for which they feel it.  I Am The Father, and it is sad to hear so many who read This in print, deny that I would speak at a time, or through such a little one as this.

I have created This Miracle because of the great need in the world for mankind to understand that human life has an Importance, that human life has a Goal, that human life is a Gift of My Love in the world.

Through her I seek your eyes.  Through her I seek your ears.  Through her I seek your mind to be used to better understand the Love I have for man, and the Importance of each man’s Soul.  I will hold her deeply until I decide I can release her to a point where it is safe physically.  So be it.”

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