ON MARCH 24, 1995 AT 3:13 PM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.  I have spoken many times through This Miracle that is a Gift to all of mankind.  I do not always announce My Name.

As so much Instruction passes through This Miracle of Divine Love, it is sad to hear some say: ‘I want to believe but I can’t.  I want to understand all that is said but I find it difficult.’ I hear them say, ‘Would God really work This Way?’ I hear them deny the Beauty of Truth because they feel they cannot live that way.

The time in which I speak to you now is marked by years different than the time in which I lived.  It is sad to hear mankind say: ‘These are modern times.  We cannot be expected to live like those in the past.’

I ask you a question: ‘Is it not logical that the Creation of mankind had an Ultimate Purpose, an Ultimate Goal?’ Logic should say ‘Yes’ to this, because of the will of mankind, the knowledge of right over wrong, sensitivity over insensitivity.

Whenever there has been great difficulty in man’s thinking, man’s performance, man’s integrity, man’s spirituality, The Father sends some Sign, some Means, some Source, some Evidence, to correct all that is being practiced for the wrong reason, destroying the purity of one’s Soul and/or the Souls of others.

It is sad for Me to say that many who follow designed, designated Spiritual roles, omit sound Spiritual direction and base so much on humanistic practices.

Many times when I have spoken through this little one, I was told to be gentle because of the human frailties.  It is important to remember that The Father, in His Choice, very often uses the most delicate instrument because of the Importance of what He Wills to be handled properly, cautiously.

As My Words pass to you, I know that My Words will not remain in the manner or in the format I have given Them, but you will remember that I spoke, and in What I said there were things that were instructive, constructive, important, and said because of your Faith in how The Father would allow things to be done.  So be it.”

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