ON APRIL 10, 1995


“I am Saint Patrick.  It is with Great Love I come to speak today.  Man talks about love, expresses acts of love in many ways, through attention, through service, through a gift, through a compliment.  To speak on this day is a Gift of Divine Love, because as I speak I am fully aware of what a Precious Gift Divine Love is.

Man thinks of love as special and is pleased to know when an act of love is expressed.  God, in this way, is no different because, do not forget, God created Love, and in this Love, through this Love, He created mankind.  When a baby is born to the world and the baby is seen by others, there is an automatic reaction of an inner love that radiates to the human life, even though at this time there is no response from the little one.

This Miracle that bears the Name of The Beloved One, is a Miracle based on Love for mankind, a Love beyond human comprehension, a Love that nothing else can compare to.  I could repeat Myself again and again on This Great Gift of Divine Love.

As a child grows in stature, in intellect, in actions, in the ability to choose right over wrong, this child, this human life, has a Distinction in it above all other living matter or things.

As I stand Here in the Heavens, in the manner in which The Father Decreed the Manner of Life Here to be, there are times I want to shout, ‘Be aware of why you were born, be aware of the Beauty and the Love that is in the Gift of human life!’

Man looks at a flower and man sees beauty in a flower, but man knows that that flower does not have a mind, and that the flower cannot be taught how to exist, so man does everything he can to keep it alive with beauty, because beauty like this is so pleasing to see.

There is no greater gift in life than the Gift of human life, because through human life man can live forever, because of the Gift of Divine Love that is placed within at the moment of conception.  It is called ‘a Soul’.

It is sad to hear so many lack understanding of this Precious Gift of Divine Love.  On the other hand, you hear mankind talk about a life or lives of those who were prominent in the world, and then many times, after many years, the name is brought to light and all the things are remembered, reiterated upon, and discussions about the importance of what that particular individual performed, accomplished, while living on earth.

This Miracle that is instructing mankind about the benefits attached to that Important Part of human life, Important because It is a Portion of The Father and It is to live Forever, bearing the name of the individual within whom It was placed at the moment of conception.

There are Many Here that were not popular amongst great circles of importance.  There are Many Here who served quietly, diligently, purely, innately understanding that human life had to have a Higher Purpose.

As I speak to you on this day through a human voice, I want you to remember that This Blessing that has been handed to the world must not be kept where you are now.  It must be spread, and the Words must be scattered on the Winds of God’s Power, for millions upon millions to be enlightened about the Reason for human life, the Precious Gift it is, and the Goal it has waiting for it.  So be it.”

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