ON APRIL 29, 1995 AT 2:00 PM


“I have placed a Special Gift to the whole world, to gather attention to the Importance of human life.  Much jealousy points at This Gift, with so many deliberately denouncing the possibility of My doing something like This.

I have never let mankind alone, for as a Portion of Me is within each human life, My Presence is evident through the individuals’ understanding of what is right or what is wrong, through their thoughts, actions, activities, and/or associations with others.

Even though a Miracle of This Magnitude is obvious because of Its subject matter, and the gentleness in which It is delivered, it is sad for Me to see so much doubt, so much envy, so much jealousy.  Some say, ‘It cannot be so.’ I say, ‘How can they know, when they have so little Faith in Me, in My Abilities, and how I have always done things?’

I use a very small instrument, but an obedient one to My Will.  So much has been revealed, helping mankind to understand the Importance of human life.

The time has come that so many, who feel that they have reached high positions of superiority, will be shown that This Gift of Divine Love must not be ignored by anyone, and must be seen for the Value It is, because of What I have placed within each human being.  It is rare that anyone even thinks of the condition of their Soul.  There is little understanding regarding this, only because man resents such responsibility, rejects such responsibility.

In spite of man’s rejection, I have placed in the midst of mankind, a small instrument of Mine who rejects man’s indifference, and remains constantly obedient to Me.

I shout to mankind, ‘STOP what you are doing, and realize that I will not allow My Time to be wasted, My Love to be rejected by mankind’s ignoring All That I Have Given, All That I Have Spoken, All That I Have Delivered, enlightening mankind to what a Precious Gift human life truly is!’

I hear man saying, ‘It would be terrible to be blind.’ They mean with the eyes.  I say, ‘Do not block out what Light I am showing at this time, because It is a Light beyond what mankind understands as light.’

I speak firmly, yet in this firmness My Love for mankind is evident because of the Value of the Words, the Importance of the Words, and ‘The Very Fact That I Have Spoken.’  So be it.”

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