ON JUNE 7, 1995 AT 1:25 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  This Beautiful Miracle The Father has allowed to be given at this time, is truly a Gift of Divine Love for mankind.  You might say We stand in line to share in the Words that are to be delivered from Here.  A Blessing of This Dimension is incomparable to anything that mankind is aware of, or physically associated with.

It is impossible for mankind to fully understand the Importance of This Miracle that is so clearly stated, giving personal attention to all facets of human life, Directed by The Divine.  It is difficult for man to understand an Occurrence, a Happening, a Treasure of This Magnitude, but I assure you, It is a Blessing totally driven, guided by Divine Light.

The world in so many ways caters to demonic pleasures, devoting time and energy to all that is disagreeable to what is moral.  Mankind must begin to rationalize, evaluate and practice what is morally sound, and cast out all immoralities that are taking place.

Some might say, ‘How could so much be spoken at this time, by so Many Who announce Themselves as Saints in Heaven?’ I say firmly, ‘Because you do live in a time worse than any other time in Human History.’ Some who hear This, who read It, will try to deny It, but this does not make what they think right.

Mankind talks about the infallibility of a particular position.  Mankind eliminates an important point in this statement.  If a decision is infallible, the infallibility must be based on the soundness, the morality, and of course, the purity in its direction.  Man says, ‘I know truth when I hear it, when I see it; this could be right.’ But I say, ‘Have you looked at it fully, in its full concept, and what results it will produce, encourage and/or be practiced by those who are subject to its direction?’

So much is spoken through This Miracle in a general conversation, and many times It is overlooked because of the listener’s lack of understanding such Communication.  That is why The Father has placed the Responsibility in script, so nothing could be left to not be remembered when It was delivered to give strength to mankind morally, physically, emotionally.

As I leave you, I leave you with a Blessing, and this is a strength to those present and to those who will read what The Father has decided mankind must have.  Faith in itself, when it is practiced in the right manner, is a Blessing to the Soul or Souls of those who, in their way of living, always look for the morality and ignore the immorality.  So be it.”

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