ON JUNE 19, 1995 AT 12:50 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  This little one through whom We All speak is a funnel of The Father’s Will, for mankind to more fully understand what a Treasure the Gift of human life is.

The Purpose for human life has a Goal, One that should be treasured, especially when mankind understands that this Goal is to one day be with The Father for All Eternity.  We do not expect mankind to fully understand a Goal of this Greatness, because it is in many ways a Goal beyond man’s human comprehension, because mankind can only associate to what is familiar in the way of place, being, practices and goal.

Mankind has been Blessed so many times through History, learning more about the Purpose of His Creation, called ‘mankind’.  Historically many things have been written, but described only to a degree that mankind was capable of understanding.  This Gift that bears the Name of The Beloved Saint Joseph has revealed so much, in so many ways, helping mankind to more fully understand the Purpose and the Goal that The Father has for man.  Through time many learned men and women tried to decipher all the aspects regarding this design:  the intellect, the abilities, the nature and the will that were obviously all parts of human life.

We have spoken so much regarding that Special Gift The Father gives to each human life, called ‘the Soul’.  This identification is difficult for so many to associate such a Precious Gift to human personality, human nature, human will.

I have spoken many times through This Gift of The Father’s during general conversations, allowing it to appear as a natural course of events, because the one, or several who were in the discussion would never have been able to accept that I was in the total conversation, and many unkind, snide remarks would have been cast on this little one through whom We All speak in such a natural way, and in the language she speaks.

The Father is fully aware of all things that occur every place throughout the world.  This point of attention, ‘this place’ where this little one is, has been Designed by The Father, Designated by The Father, Declared by The Father, to be where Things would be passed through for the benefit of all Souls throughout the world.

As Each of Us speak, We do not always announce Our Name because it is oftentimes a distraction to those listening, or to those who write What is being spoken out.  It is important for mankind to understand and to realize that All the Direction is beneficial for the mind, the morals, the actions of those who hear or read What We deliver.  So be it.”

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