ON JUNE 19, 1995 AT 2:45 PM


“I am Saint Irenaeus.  We are present so many times in different places throughout the world.  It is sad that so many children of all ages do not try to understand the Beauty of the Goal of the Soul that The Father has so deliberately spoken about through This Beautiful Gift to the world, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.

When This Miracle was announced to this little one through whom We All speak, she was allowed to hear the Wind of The Holy Spirit.  Never has This been allowed before, in This Manner, to This Degree.

Our Words to her are silent, because Our Words pass through her mentality on the Winds of The Holy Spirit.  Our Words pass through her Soul, and They are to reach millions, times millions, times millions, times millions of other people, because of the importance of the Directions that are given.

When We find doubters to This Gift of Divine Love, We many times eliminate their presence from being close to the little one, because their indifference, their lack of Faith in how The Father would reach mankind, can very easily distract others, or destroy the Beauty of such a Gift as This is for the Souls of millions.  You live in a time where there is so much distraction mentally, vocally, physically and spiritually.

This Miracle has a Directness in It, because of the Greatness of It.  When man looks for a blessing from another individual, it usually means confirmation of a situation or of a verbal exchange of words.  This little one through whom so much has been given is fully aware of the importance of Every Message that passes through her, and that It is a Direct Blessing, directed by The Father’s Will.

So much has been instructed regarding the Soul that man has been given at the moment of conception.  This Statement is Fact.  It is not fable.  All of Our Words must reach the whole world, because the Strength in Them, the Direction of Them, is needed by all living human beings.  Those of you who have had the privilege to have the Faith to believe in This Gift of Divine Love, have a big responsibility above and beyond all other things you are aware of, you are a part of, you partake in, you are in charge of, you believe in.

What I have spoken is to be remembered by you, and others who will read My Words must also take Them personally, and not reject Them because of their willfulness or their lack of Faith in how The Father extends His Love to mankind, through a small instrument, an obedient instrument, for the good of all Souls, for all time.  So be it.”

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