ON JUNE 19, 1995 AT 3:30 PM


“It is important for all races, all colors, all creeds, to more fully understand the Importance of human life.  It is also important for mankind to use dignity, respect in every measure of life, morally, physically and spiritually, because human life is a Special Gift of Love designed by The Father, with a Special Goal.

It is sad to see so much disrespect amongst all races, all colors, all creeds.  This time in which you live is a sadness to All of Us, because We see so much impurity, so much immorality, so much desecration to the Souls that bear the brunt of all that the human mind and body practices in the name of immorality.

Let us take One Commandment, ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill.’ There are many ways to kill another human being, and each of these ways causes much harm to the Soul of the individual or individuals.  So many feel that the word ‘kill’ means only to take the physical life.  That is a misconception because there are many ways man kills another man.  It is through abusiveness to the mind, the body, and morally.

If you were to question some highly learned people about their stand on respect for others, you might find their answers to your questions ridiculous, and totally undermining to any moral code of ethics.  Some things that can be termed ‘killing another human being’ is through lies about their character, their practices, their abilities, and many other areas of the manner in which they live.

Sometimes The Commandments are totally abused by one act that could cover five of The Commandments, six of The Commandments, seven, eight, nine, all of The Ten Commandments.

Children are not being taught the Importance of the Dignity of human life, nor are they being instructed on the Soul that is within their human life.  Yes, there are many different so-called ‘religious beliefs’, but they do not all reveal to those who believe in them, sound instruction on the Purpose for which life was created.

Oftentimes the one who is instructing becomes so empowered by words, emotions, and the attention they are receiving, that the real point of concern is lost, and those who are hearing become wrapped up as if chained to the emotions, with no means to be released.  The mind becomes extremely involved, and the subject matter, in its sound essence, becomes lost and is secondary to what the individual or individuals truly receive.

I am Saint Rita.”

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