ON JUNE 29, 1995 AT 11:20 AM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  I had many responsibilities and I approached each of these responsibilities with a sincere desire to accomplish them to the degree The Father Willed it to be.

So many times We hear men, women and children make excuses, even to the point of whining over responsibilities, because they feel the responsibilities interfere with their personal choices at that time.  Each child born to the world is born with responsibilities.  Responsibilities bring strength to a life, encourage strength mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Responsibilities give to human life worth, and in many ways make human life important because of the responsibilities.

There are always Many of Us ready to speak at any given time through This Gift of The Father’s Love, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  As it has been spoken before, ‘this time’ is important, because it stresses man’s responsibilities to the Closeness of The Father, guided by The Spirit of The Father, The Holy Spirit, as you know It to be.

Each human life has a Soul.  The Father designed mankind to His Image and Likeness.  The Holy Spirit of The Father is likened to the Soul of man.  Remember this.

It is sad to hear so many deny This Gift of Divine Love, This Miracle of Instruction, because they find It beyond what they can comprehend instruction in this time would be.  One day the world of mankind will be guided in so many ways by This Miracle that has so generously released so much Information that had not been done in past History.

Historically, much had been given to mankind regarding important issues on human life, and many other parts of the importance of spirituality.  This Miracle is Extremely Important, because It has defined, explained and instructed verbally, and through the written Word, because without the written Word, What passed through verbally could be misconception.

It is important that the written Words be passed down through History as They were delivered by Us, for mankind to better understand what a Treasured Gift human life is for all mankind.  So be it.”

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