ON JULY 10, 1995 AT 3:05 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  It is important for those who are involved in educational positions of authority to not forget the most important part of human life, one’s moral values and moral standards, as being the foundation of all scientific subject matter.  Mankind talks about what is good for human life, what is beneficial, and then sometimes in the same breath accepts what is wrong, even what is controversial.

These years in which This Gift of Divine Love has written so much regarding what is best for mankind, there are yet some who read the Words, even some who hear Them firsthand, do not gather the Importance in Every Word of Direction that is passed through This Miracle, not just expressing an opinion, but a Directive on how an individual should proceed in life, for the Reason that human being was given life.

We hear so many discussions in all areas of education of practical usage of daily living, and so much is and could be considered trite because of its inacceptability to moral standards, moral values, moral implications to the Souls of so many living human beings.

I could speak a long time, dictate volumes at this moment, because there is so much need at this time in which you live, and in the coming years, that We see no moral progress, but more degradation in human behavior, human mental abilities, capabilities, and endeavors.

The world has been Blessed.  Let Me compare it to this:  You find a very large priceless gem.  Are you capable of making decisions on what to do with it because of its worth, and then what to do about it?  Your Soul is more than any gem in the whole world, more Beautiful, and of course, Priceless in Its Very Existence.  My Advice is to be cautious with It, be careful with It, and allow no one to mar It, no one to degrade Its Value, no one to destroy It.  A Soul can be compared to nothing in the world, because It is above and beyond human comprehension.

There can be no doubt that mankind has been Blessed in a Special Form, a Special Way, for a Special Reason, Purpose, Goal.  Allow no one to diminish in any way That Light you hold within you that is more than anything you know anything about.  Your Soul is the Light that will shine for All Eternity.  It is your privilege, your right, and it should be your will to see that this occurs.  Allow no one to distract you from this Goal for your Soul.  So be it.”

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