ON JULY 26, 1995 AT 11:28 AM


“I am Saint Aloysius.  There are Many standing Here with Me, smiling at all of you.  When We walked the earth, We, too, were confronted with many obstacles, sometimes forced to face tragedies that need not have been done, because decisions were made by those in charge who were the custodians of much authority and acted with this authority unjustly.  To be a victim of unjust authority is never a disgrace, but the injustice is intolerable by all who seek truth, sound balance, in the order of practices in Faith in The Father.

This Gift The Father has given, in many ways sits on a scale wherein injustice to It, regarding It, weighs so heavy, that on the side of injustice the scale is at rock bottom.

You live in a time wherein there is a desire for power, a desire for great wealth, a desire to become known throughout the world.  You live in a time that can be termed ‘diabolically oriented’, because you see, satan is in a constant power struggle with The Father, against The Father, using mankind as the means and the manner to diminish all that is good.

Mankind must remember that each individual has within their body a Portion of The Father, the Soul.  Satan, in his envy of man, struggles to gain power over the Soul.  The Father has handed to the world a Miracle of His Divine Love, through His Spirit of Love for all of mankind.

All The Saints Here in Heaven recommend to mankind to think about the beauty of purity and the horror of what impurity can do to the mind, to the body, to the Soul.  You are the recipients of so much Direction, so much Instruction, so much Personal Love at this time.  Also, you must understand that all who claim to declare great Faith in The Father’s Will, The Father’s Way, are in many ways practicing injustice and false direction.

Ask yourself this question: ‘If I could see my Soul, would I be proud of It?’ It is a question that each one should ask of himself or herself every night before retiring.  It is a good examination of how one acted that day.

So much has been delivered to help all living human beings.  Our concern is that What We have delivered is not being shared with millions who are out of this place.  You must see the value of the written Words and see that millions of others have the privilege to read Them, to accept or reject Them, for no matter what their decision is, what an individual reads or is instructed in, is remembered in some degree, some form, for some purpose, maybe at a later time when It is needed.

Mankind talks about love.  The Greatest Act of Love in the world is The Father’s Love, and it is being proven by This Miracle of Divine Love.  So be it.”

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