ON AUGUST 11, 1995 AT 6:17 PM


“There is no reason for mankind to not believe All that has been delivered through This Miracle of My Love for mankind.  My Words to the world at this time have Specific and Special Meaning, because so much diabolical practice in many forms have jeopardized the Souls of millions.

I know that when some read the Words delivered by Me, or Others Here with Me, find it difficult to understand that I would speak through one such as them in such a Personal Way, using a voice like theirs to repeat What I want mankind to value because of Its Content, and the Important Reason that is evident in All Its Direction, All that It implies, and All that It solidly, clearly covers.

I hear men, women, and even little ones question: ‘How can This be true?  Why would God pick one like her, to send so much Direction, Information, and Personal Love, through a human being?  Why would He not do it in a different manner, like through one or more who stand in high Spiritual places, who have learned through much schooling, much practice working with people on the importance of Faith in God, prayer to God, dependence upon God, and the importance of purity, that they would be so qualified to instruct in?’

If mankind will but look into past History, My Way is not man’s way.  How I determine to reach mankind is in the manner and way I know is best for mankind.

Man crosses himself and calls My Name at the top.  This is a big step for some, because it is their way of alerting Me to their presence.  All ages are children to Me.  All degrees of Faith in How I Am, Who I Am, are important to Me.

I have given the world a Blessing, a Sign of My Love for all human life; plus, I have alerted mankind that they are the holders of a Gift of Mine that they received at the moment of conception, a Portion of My Light, My Love, combined with the knowledge of what is good, what is evil, what is right, what is wrong.  It can be termed ‘instinctive’ in human beings.

There are so many who struggle to determine How I Exist, in What Manner I Exist, and of course, in many ways they dare to humanize My Existence in comparing Me with human existence, physically, mentally.

When mankind gives a gift and it is a gift that is personal, most times there is a love attached to this gift, an importance attached to it, and a significance obvious in it that identifies this gift, either in what this gift means personally between them, or a reminder of something that occurred that was special to them, and when they are assured mentally that this gift has a special meaning, it becomes more important.

I could speak endlessly on this, because mankind feels strength in communication when it is either verbal, or through a means or a matter that can be associated to remembrance, closeness, and/or love.

This Miracle that I have given to the world is beyond anything mankind can imitate, because My Love for mankind is above and beyond what mankind can in any way fully understand.

I want All I have given through This Miracle, instructing mankind to more fully understand what a Treasure human life is, the Importance of it, and its Association with Me that must never be questioned.”

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