ON AUGUST 14, 1995 AT 12:45 PM


“This Miracle that The Father has given to the world is a happiness to All of Us Here with Him, because We All know that those who will accept All the Instruction that is passed through It verbally and through the written Word, will grow spiritually, morally, mentally, and even physically in many cases.

When man says, ‘I have found a treasure; it is a treasure that will help me live a better life, it is worth a great deal of money,’ it is innate in man to want to find a treasure and to delight in it.  God has handed the whole world a Treasure, and in This Treasure there is a Goal beyond any goal money could buy.

I am Saint Peter Canisius.  We see so much in the world of a desire for monetary progress, because man feels with monetary progress, through so much material gain, it will bring happiness unlimited.  This is not reality.  Mankind associates material things with wealth, happiness, control, as the ultimate measure in life.

This Miracle that The Father has designed, instructing mankind in the Greatest Treasure mankind can reach for, find, is through the Soul mankind was given at the moment of conception.  Children are not being instructed on This Treasure within their being.  Children are basically being instructed in competitive things, monetary measures, ignoring the importance of God’s Commandments.

Ask yourself, those who will read These Words: ‘When was the last time that I truly pondered over God’s Commandments?  When was the last time I deliberately took an accounting of my life, my actions, my thinking, my moral views, my moral standards, plus the company I associated with, and what influence they had on me or I had on them?’

Mankind rarely delves into his or her practices in daily life.  It is important that mankind begin to see all the destructiveness that is occurring because of so much immorality, so little regard for purity of mind and body, so little direction, example being shown, not just to the young but to all ages.

The time in which We are now speaking can be spoken about as a time of much desecration to the Souls of every living human being.  You live in a time of much moral corruption of all walks of life, of all ages of life, of all degrees of education.  You live in a time of much injustice, due to so much immorality, so much selfishness, so much self-love, so much self-dedication, so much impurities connected to immoral values and immoral standards.

Man speaks about justice, but how does man weigh justice?  Does he or she take a scale out each day and weigh one against the other?  How many men, women, and even children make a daily examination of conscience, based on their thoughts, their words, their actions?  You would be shocked at the lack of number.

So much heresy is being practiced and so little is being spoken about when something is so obviously diabolical.  Somehow or other it is accepted, associating this acceptance with progress of time, and that things are different now than they were when The Commandments of God were given to mankind.  What foolish, ridiculous determinations are made, causing mankind to justify all that is wrong, all that is obscene, all that is impure.

All of Us Saints Here in Heaven have been given the opportunity to speak, not always giving Our Name, but wherever this little one is, in general conversation One of Us Here can be heard even when there is no identification.  This Gift that has been handed to mankind can be compared to Great Times in past History, times that were considered the most instructive, educational, because They All came from Heaven.

The Father has Blessed This Miracle in a way mankind cannot understand, but We All know that The Father has allowed no man to stand in the way of This Miracle, because of the Importance of It, the Reason for It, and the Goal for which He created It.  So be it.”

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