ON AUGUST 18, 1995 AT 1:48 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  There have been several Specific Times since the beginning of mankind, when The Father would give to mankind Special Instructions on how He wanted mankind to fully understand the Importance of human life.  In some of these times He delivered in great detail, Specific Rules so that mankind would have Guidelines, and fully understand what was expected of him.

This Miracle that bears the Name of The Holy Spirit of God is a Special Time of Instruction, because The Father has directed and allowed so Many of Us to participate in helping mankind understand many things that were not elaborated upon at other times.

Man calls this time ‘modern’.  It is a term that man uses because of physical progress, and of course, because the mentality of mankind has flowed with the progress, in many areas, in many ways, for many reasons.  Some of these reasons are educational goals, innate in many men, women and children.  Then there are goals that some aspire to, called ‘Spiritual instructing’ that is delivered mechanically to thousands, even millions of people.

Whenever mankind reaches a plateau wherein he or she is stymied by the degree they have reached in what they are interested in, they oftentimes begin to make many repetitive mistakes, but they will not back down for their mistakes, because they are solidly indoctrinated in the limit of their abilities.

The Father is limitless in all areas, in all things that exist, and He has given the world at ‘this time’, Personal Instruction regarding why He created mankind, what Part He has in mankind’s life, the Love He has for mankind as a Special Creation of His.

Mankind has a saying to those he or she loves: ‘I love you with all my heart,’ because to mankind the heart is the beat of life, the focus of life.  Through This Miracle that bespeaks the Greatest Love in the world, The Father says to mankind: ‘I have given you a Portion of Me, and all you are, all you do, all you have, is registered within That Portion of Me, and the life you live physically will one day be represented before Me by the Soul that I gave you at the moment of conception.  Many, many, many times when a child is born, those who look at the child see Something they cannot describe, no words are capable of saying What they see.  I always smile at this, for What they truly see in a Light in that small body, is the Soul that is a Portion of Me.’  So be it.”

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