ON SEPTEMBER 3, 1995 AT 12:15 PM


“It is with much Love I have given the world This Miracle of My Love.  The Soul of each human being is a Portion of Me because of My Sincere Deep Love for this Special Creation of Mine.

This little one I use to reach and instruct all of mankind is constantly alert to My Presence and the Presence of All Others Here.  Perhaps this is difficult or even impossible for some to believe, but that is due to their personal inability to understand My Love for mankind and how I would choose to give My Love to mankind.  The world must hear of My Gift before it is too late, because the enemy is constantly working to distract all ages so they will lose their Soul to him.

The little one I use is stronger verbally and mentally than mankind understands these characteristics of man to be.  Many Saints deliberately move in and out to keep her attention to This Way.  She is never without One from Here close to her or delivering Words through her.  Her naturalness is important, else no one could possibly endure the way she would be on all subjects.

Mankind understands what makes wars between men, but also the artillery that is necessary to fight the enemy.  This little one fights the enemy constantly, because he uses many things to try to interfere with This Gift I have given to mankind.  The whole world should and could build the City I designed, but the men in the Church she belongs to have fought, and will continue to fight against this accomplishment.  It is sad to see so many fight against something so physical, and yet so Important for millions of Souls to be returned to Me.

The Books must be delivered throughout the world.  She is working diligently on this and has been.  The Words are on the way of a different means, and We will do all We can to encourage mankind to respond, but you must remember, the free will of man I do not take away.

Time is of the essence, and mankind must be constantly alerted to This Gift I have given.  Her work in some ways is just beginning; she knows this.  Her littleness is on the battlefield of so much egoism, degeneracy, diabolical intervention, but her will is with Me.  So be it.”

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