ON SEPTEMBER 19, 1995 AT 1:53 PM


“I am Saint Andrew.  When The Father gives One of Us permission to speak through This Gift of His, Blessed by Him, it is a privilege and an honor, because in It We can express to mankind the Love there is in the practice of duty that serves a Special Purpose for the good of mankind.

When We hear mankind not just disagree, but argue over the validity of This Gift designed by The Father, instructing mankind the Importance of the Soul that is a Portion of Him, there are many areas in man’s life that call for respect, and in each of these areas, the response that is dignified extends the subject matter, and the importance of it, to a greater degree sometimes than what the subject could possibly have done, if those involved in the subject were not respectful, caring, and yes, dignified.  Mankind has for some time ignored the necessity for dignity in human life.

We have often asked The Father, why has He allowed this, and He has openly spoken These Words: ‘I have given man a free will, an intellect, the use of respect on all issues that deserved respect.  I have given mankind values, and the format in how to use valuable information, valuable actions that covers the body, the mind, and the Soul.’

There has been so much disrespect at different times, regarding the Importance of human life and what it was created for.  Human life was created out of, and because of a Supreme Love, that if mankind truly looks at what human life is all about, no one can deny the value of it, the greatness of it, the Love that is in it, because mankind has been designed to do many things; first of all, to be able to create more human life, to be able to counsel what human life is all about, to be able to share human life through all the senses, through all the abilities, for all the goals.

There is no other life as human life is, because human life covers so many areas of personal Gifts designed by The Father to work hand in hand with The Father’s Will, and then to one day be Judged by Him, returning the Soul to Him in a different role.  This, as most of mankind knows, is called ‘Sainthood’.  There is nothing else created by The Father that has this Goal.  Through This Miracle of Divine Love, and It is called ‘a Miracle’ because The Father has designed It to pass through one small child, All He wanted mankind to learn about, to see the Value of, and to be personally instructed regarding the Soul.

Those who have been able to be present, have and had, an obligation to pass All This Information to those who could not be present, because it is important that no one throughout the world not hear of This Gift of The Father’s Love that He designed with such Personal Attention.

When We hear many men, women, and even children expounding on what they call ‘religious instruction’, there is so much of themselves in the forefront, in the concepts that they instruct on and in, that much of what they are saying is false in interpretation, and demonstrates egotistical self-appraisal.

This Gift, called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, is in every way established and perpetuated so that mankind of all races, all creeds, will find the Importance of human life, the Reason for it, and the Goal that awaits it at a given time.  All that We have been directed by The Father to instruct mankind in and on, has been given in a form, a manner, and a length that no human being would find too difficult to understand and too long to read.

Everything that is spoken has Reason, has Purpose, and must travel throughout the world, because there is no living human being that has the ability, the strength, or the understanding of so much Divine Love.  That is why that it is important for mankind to realize, that all the books throughout the world written by mankind can in no way be equated to What The Father delivers through This Miracle for the Souls of all mankind, in all places throughout the world.  So be it.”

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