ON SEPTEMBER 22, 1995 AT 11:47 AM


“I am Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque.  This is the only place throughout the world that so much is being handed to mankind on the Importance of that Special Gift of Love from The Divine, a Portion of The Father, called ‘a Soul’.  It is impossible for mankind to imagine or comprehend what a Magnificent Gift of Love the Soul is, and mankind cannot relate to anything upon the earth that could in any way be as Special, as Magnificent as the Soul.

Man treasures gifts such as jewelry, artifacts, clothing, and many other things that give comfort to life, enjoyment, but no human being realizes the True, Full Importance of what the Soul is.  The Soul is the Gift of Enlightenment regarding the fact that mankind is Special, above all living things, that mankind is more important than any other living animal, plant, or any other thing.

Mankind very often looks at life as a struggle, because of what it takes to live financially, but there is much more to human life.  There is a Goal beyond what any financial progress could possibly compare to.  Though the Soul is a Portion of The Father, It is, in Its True Essence, the recipient of all that an individual acts upon, speaks, does physically, morally or immorally.  The Soul cannot be considered in any comparison to an organ of the body, because the Soul, as a Portion of God, is beyond any human description or understanding.  It is in many ways a Mystery, just as The Father is a Mystery.

Man’s conscience, sensitivity, abilities, duties, knowledge, characteristics, temperament, educational degrees, are not connected to the Soul, but the Soul, in Its Oneness, Its Difference in Matter, Meaning, will be Judged in ways mankind cannot understand, because you must understand that the Soul is a Portion of God, not a portion of man, but a Gift to mankind, giving to mankind the ability to see Justice, Honesty, Truth, Holiness, as the Goal for which man was created.

The Soul, as a Special Gift of The Father’s Love, instills in mankind the importance of truth, and the logic of The Father’s Existence.  The Soul can never be seen, but is many times felt, because through the human mind there are many areas in which the very Presence of the Soul encourages an individual to choose purity over impurity, right over wrong, truth over untruth.  The Presence of a Soul in human life is a Divine Light that no other creation in the world has, or has ever had.  The Soul is a Companion to man, always there, so that mankind will recognize that human life is distinct in its Creation, different than all other things, and has a Goal to reach for that nothing else has.

When man says a prayer, the Soul, as the recipient also of this prayer, is the Messenger to The Father immediately.  It is sad to know and to see, that mankind is once again going through a time wherein there is so much diabolical-based sensitivity to so many areas of human life.  Mankind must begin to understand that purity of mind and body does not make life less happy, but in many ways gives to every day an inner feeling of hope, love, that is beyond what mankind can fully understand.

We speak so much, so continuously through this little one, and have done so for more years than the figure given openly.  It is important for mankind to see that This Gift of The Father’s Love, of Instruction, must be recognized for the Good that It is, and that It will give.

There is so much more to be spoken about the Soul, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is beyond any human comprehension, and there is no human design for It, because the Light that radiates through the Soul, in the Soul, is The Father’s Light.  Remember this.”

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