ON SEPTEMBER 25, 1995 AT 11:55 AM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.  There is so much for mankind to understand about what human life was designed for, and the importance of everything that is done by mankind, especially when it speaks morality, dignity, kindness, true love.

Throughout the world there are many differences in opinions regarding what children should be taught, how they should be taught, and the limits in what they are being taught.  Subject matter is endless, because there are so many subjects mankind can learn about, and in many areas use what they know to help them financially, materially and socially.

This Gift of The Father’s has been given to the world, the whole world, because it is important for all of mankind to know, to understand, that above and beyond all other types, degrees, and subjects in knowledge, the Most Important Subject that mankind should be aware of is the one in which, for which, the Soul is taken into consideration in every degree of human understanding.

Some say: ‘I can read a book; I learn the subject and I feel good about it.  I read the Bible and I cannot fully understand it, and yet I am told to read scripture, but I know that in many areas of it, I need someone to instruct me on its full meaning.’ This is true, and it is sad to say that all instruction on scripture, regarding scripture, is not properly done.

That is one of the reasons This Gift of The Father’s Love has been given to the world, because It has been so simply given in Words understandable, so that mankind can fully understand what a Magnificent Gift human life is, and What human life contains that makes it above and beyond all other earthly gains, gifts.

It is important for mankind to fully realize that within each human life there is a Soul, a Portion of The Father, that no one can cut out or kill.  The individual within whom that particular Soul is, has the rights, and in many ways, the constant association with an Entity beyond human knowledge, understanding.  The Soul is the recipient of all works, all words, all talents, all energies, all actions, all degrees of morality.  The Soul is a subject beyond human understanding.

At the moment human life ends, the Soul stands before The Father.  In some ways, this can be spoken of as, ‘It can be returned to from Where It came.’ In The Father’s receiving of this Soul, The Father’s Judgment of this Soul carries the name of the one in whom this Soul was originally placed, at the moment of conception.

All the theories regarding scripture cannot surpass This Lesson, because with all that has been instructed upon throughout the centuries, This Miracle of The Father’s Love has been instructing mankind continuously on what the Soul is, how It was given, Its Purpose and Its Goal:  to be a Saint in Heaven.

We see so much diabolical practicing in all ages, in all cultures, that it is not just a sadness to Us, but many times We shout to The Father, ‘Is there not some way to stop what they are doing, desecrating the Soul in so many ways?’ The Father responds:

‘I have given them freedom to choose right.  I have given them the freedom to choose vocations.  I have given them Instruction in The Commandments of Mine.  I have in many ways, Personally instructed them down through time, on the importance of moral values, moral stability, moral consciousness.  I have given mankind a will, a Generous Gift from Me, so as to not stifle the intelligence of mankind, thus allowing man to venture into many areas wherein life would be interesting, because there are so many advantages in what human life has in its intellect, its physical abilities, mental abilities, and the privilege of individual choice.

‘Human life is a Special Design, because it interacts with all other creations of Mine.  I have given mankind the earth for many reasons, to live off of physically, and in some cases to find adventure in all that is available to them.  The Blessings I have handed to each human life are My Gifts of Love, because as The Creator of All Things, through human life I have shared in so many areas, for so many reasons, what I have created, but My Greatest Gift to mankind was the Soul at the moment of conception.’  So be it.”

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