ON OCTOBER 6, 1995 AT 11:34 AM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  So Many of Us speak through this little one in normal conversation with Words that, to anyone listening, are understood as conversation in the human way.

I take you to a time some years back, when this little one was presented in person to a man of, in, great authority, a man who was looked up to as the Leader of Holy Mother Church.  As this Leader looked into her face, her eyes, he saw nothing but goodness, truth, and a sincere love for his position, his duties, his authority, his love.  This man remembered this little one, even when he heard doubters in his midst, not just consulting, but saying unkind things against her.

As We All speak through This Gift of The Father’s Love, there are so many areas that We touch on, instructing mankind to the degree that mankind can understand, can learn from, and have the ability to make decisions, based on What has been spoken for the benefit of the Soul that is within each one.

There is very little true kindness throughout the world.  Sincere kindness seems to be lost in so many areas:  in governments, in the educational fields, in work areas, and yes, sad to say, where spirituality is the core of sound values, sound standards.  There are so many incapable of instructing others in this field of knowledge that is so important to the lives of millions; interpretation, misinterpretation, based on the individual’s desire for attention, or how they determine the meaning of something that is a critical point of morality.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love has been given to the world, because mankind is in great need of Sound Direction that gives great insight to how Valuable human life is, What it contains.  There are Many Saints Here with Me now Who have spoken through This Gift of The Father’s Love, and much of What They said has been written, but We see people reading It, and instead of seeing the Sound Value in It, are trying to dissect It, as though It were some kind of animal or being, that they wanted to find out more about.

Love for God is through the Soul of man, and this penetrates into the mentality of man, the actions of man, logically placing the emphasis on sound reasoning, sound values, sound standards, practicality, of how The Father would act, would give, would instruct mankind on the Value of human life, and that He is always a Living Part of human life, plus the fact That Part of human life never dies.  It returns to The Father, representing the individual in whom It was placed at the moment of conception.

We hear some say, ‘I want to become a Saint.’ These are precious words, because the Goal is What The Father Wills, but so many times the individual allows an impurity of some sort, some kind, some nature, some degree, to be acceptable.  Why?

This Miracle has been given to the world, and It is the Greatest Gift of Love that mankind could ever receive, because It is a constant, consistent Instruction on The Father’s Degree of Love for mankind, and man’s closeness with God through the Soul, that nothing else in existence has ever had, or now has.

So Many of Us speak, and it is always on topics that eventually are seen for what they are truly meant to be, even when they are casually spoken, because for Us to speak formally constantly, mankind would find it difficult, because of the seriousness of the subject, the realization of what the subject contains; so The Father Who created human life shows a Divine Sensitivity to man’s abilities, capabilities, limitations.

Man says, ‘I love God,’ and when We hear this, We say, ‘That is obvious in many ways, but are you consistent in this love, in the growth of this love, in the purpose of this love, in the Goal of this love?’

The length of Our Messages could be thousands of pages at one time, but logic says mankind can only handle a certain degree at a given time.  Even though We do not say it at the end of each time We speak, it is spoken silently by Us, and These Words should be treasured by you: ‘The Father’s Love resides within you every moment of every day.  Take care of It, because It is the Greatest Treasure.  There is no greater treasure in the world today.’  So be it.”

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