ON OCTOBER 11, 1995 AT 4:13 PM


“I know how difficult it is for mankind to understand that I would speak so openly through such a little one to mankind.  The Words that have been thus far given have a Tremendous Degree of Hope in Them, Strength in Them, Consideration in Them, and yes, My Love within Them.

As The Father, as God, I have delivered so much Direction to mankind, to enable all men, women and children to have hope, in a manner that nothing else could compare to.  My Love is beyond human love, My Goal for mankind beyond any ability of understanding.

At this time, men, women and children are drifting away from the Purpose for which life was intended.  There is very little sound instruction on the Importance of why I created life, the Goal I have for it.  There are so many making great speeches, encouraging others to see a power within them that is beyond what human power is capable of doing.  Some are going to such extremes that in these extremes they are causing much dissension, also belittling the Importance of My Goal for mankind ‘to be a Saint Here in Heaven with Me for all time’.

I hear many subjects regarding Spiritual gifts, Spiritual faith, Spiritual goals, and many of them have a disfigurement in them, are truly unrealistic, and are defined as more humanistic than My Meaning of what Sainthood is, and that is to live, through one’s Soul, with Me for All Eternity.  Confusion is everywhere, dissatisfaction everywhere, humanism in every part of human life.  When I say ‘humanism’, I mean putting all thoughts, words, deeds, actions, goals, on a scale that can only show humanistic evaluations, not Supreme Levels for the Souls.

I have allowed so Many to speak through This Gift of Mine, All of the Directions easily understandable, easy for mankind to follow, logical in concept, and of course, totally directing man’s thinking, man’s goals, to return the Soul from Where It came.

A blind man says, ‘I cannot see,’ but most times the blind man can hear you talk.  The blind man has feelings, understanding, hope.  The blind man is very often totally relying on those close by, to help physically, mentally, spiritually, for the safety of the body and the Soul.

Mankind has been gifted with sight, hearing, a sense of smell, a sense of touch, a sense of understanding, mobility.  Mankind says something tastes good.  I always smile at this, because very often the sense of taste is very important to mankind.  I hear some say: ‘This is so good, it soothes my Soul.  I feel better for it.  It has given me strength.’

This Miracle of My Personal Love to mankind throughout the world is Food for mankind to use, to strengthen moral values, moral standards.  This Food, My Words, My Love, My Concern, is to help mankind realize that Another Life waits for the Soul, and through the Soul, the individual will be recognized as to who they were, what they were, how they were.

I do not expect mankind of any degree of knowledge to fully understand All I Am, but This Gift of My Love is truly from Me, and It must be spread throughout the world without any stops, without delays, in spite of any questionable areas that might arise.  My Love is beyond mankind’s knowledge of love, for sometimes mankind forgets I Am The Creator of All Things.

Through Many of The Saints Here, I have requested They deliver to mankind Words, helping mankind to more fully understand the Importance of human life, and the Importance of the Soul that is a Portion of Me, that I have instilled at the moment of the creation of each living human being.  So be it.”

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