ON JULY 24, 1995 AT 2:26 PM


“I am Saint Bridget.  I have not spoken very often through This Special Gift to mankind that has been so generously Blessed by The Father’s Will, instructing mankind to the Importance of the Creation of man.  All things created have a meaning, have a purpose, have a reason, not always obvious, but nevertheless, there is a definite, positive reason for all living things.

Mankind is different in its Creation because it was designed with a particular type of intellect, a nature, evident through the habits of mankind, the practices of mankind, and of course, the mentality of mankind.  Granted, the animal kingdom has an aggressiveness in it, a purpose in it, a reason for it, but the animal kingdom is minus a very Special Gift of Divine Love, and that is a Soul.

Many times We hear mankind show much respect for particular types of animal life, and it is good to hear, good to see, but mankind must realize that no other life, no other living thing has the Gift of a Soul.  This may be difficult for some to believe because they place so much emphasis on living things, but the Soul is a Specific Living Part of man different than anything else in the world, because this Soul is a Portion of The Father, which nothing else can compare to.

You live in a time considered a civilized world.  There are many inventions giving mankind access to superior knowledge.  Mankind is in research, looking into evidences of great greatness that is beyond ordinary measures, means.  No human life has access to what the Soul is all about, because It is of such Magnitude, of such Greatness in Its very existence, that no matter what degree of invention man can reach, no man can create a Soul.

This Miracle that The Father has given to all of mankind, all races, all colors, all creeds, instructing mankind, deliberately describing to mankind what that Special Closeness is to God that makes mankind superior to all other living things.  Just because man has never seen a Soul does not mean It does not exist, but logic should say to mankind: ‘Within me I feel evidences of a Higher Being.  I feel an awareness that my life is special and I am not considered in the animal form, or in the vegetable form, or any other form of life that surrounds me.’

Mankind has an inquisitive mind, a searching mind, but mankind cannot find anywhere written, or through learned minds, What This Gift of The Father’s Love has so generously allowed to be given.  All that has been spoken regarding the Soul, a Portion of The Father placed within the conception, is beyond any human intelligence to fathom or to conjure up, with and through imagination, because mankind has been limited up to this time in which you live.  The Revelation handed to mankind through This Special Blessing is Monumental in Its Sound Reasoning, and only The Father could explain the Soul as He has done through This Miracle.

So Many Here in the Heavens are ready to speak whenever The Father Decrees it to be, for We All realize that mankind has been given, not just an Inspiring Gift of Information, but Sound Logical Reasoning that has never before passed through any human life in the manner This has in your time.

All that has been transcribed to be passed throughout the world must be done without question, for no human mind could possibly discern the Magnitude of All the Information that The Father has so generously allowed to be written, for mankind to more fully understand what a privilege human life is.

So Many Here wait for The Father’s Direction to instruct mankind in ways nothing else can, and for each time it occurs, Blessings abound in All the Words because of The Father’s Love and Will that is in Each Word that passes through This Miracle of Direction.  So be it.”

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