ON JULY 25, 1995 AT 1:46 PM


“When My Name is heard, that I have spoken to a little one in the world, directly announcing Who I Am, and delivering Words of Direction, Words of Love and Words of Hope, It is many times rejected, because mankind in so many ways cannot fathom My Personal Attention, My Obvious Presence in their daily life, and of course, My Delivering Personal Messages through a human being such as they are.

It is sad to hear learned men and learned women reject My Presence in such a Personal Way, such a Loving Way.  Mankind forgets that I appeared to a man a long time ago, and What I delivered to him were the Most Important Words that mankind could receive.  By Name, They are My Commandments, limited in number in your day, also in description.  As I spoke the First Commandment, the one to whom I spoke was immediately aware from Where These Words came.  The Words in your time have been shortened, but I gave lengthy details at that time on each Rule, each of My Commandments.

Through this little one that I have given, and allowed to be given so much Direction because of the Importance of human life, and the Importance of the Gift of My Love within each life, called ‘a Soul’.  You say to others, ‘I give you my love; I love you.’ You mean these words through actions and through expression.  I, your Father, say: ‘I placed within each conception a Piece of My Love, a Portion of Me.  Granted, you cannot see this Gift of Love, but through your Faith in Me, through your belief in Me, through your human love for Me, you innately know I Exist within you.’

As you pass through one Rule at a time that I delivered, each Rule pertains to you as an individual.  Each Rule designates a certain portion of your behavior, what you are capable of doing, and what you are to refrain from doing, for the sake of this Soul that I placed within you.  Sound logic should tell mankind if I did not have a Special Purpose for human life, why would I have given Specific Rules, Commands, to give mankind the necessary means, facts, and measures of importance, so that this Soul would be protected against all impurities that mankind, through the freedom of will, was capable of accepting?

As I speak through a little one, I consider all who write My Words and who will read My Words, as little ones.  Do not forget the importance of a child in a family that is expected to be obedient to the authority of the family, the parental authority.  This is My Closeness to you.  My Words are Blessings, My Words are Gifts, My Words are My Love for you.  My Purpose is for you to return your Soul to Me in the State of Purity that I gave It to you at the moment of conception.  Some say, ‘That is not possible.’ I, your Father, say: ‘I would not say it if it was not possible.  I would not expect it if I thought it was impossible.’

The Rules that I gave are being passed over.  They are being ignored and in many ways cast aside, because of the modernization man places on human life at this time.  This is foolish thinking and it must cease.  Daily life has a purpose, and each day should bring you closer to Me in the physical way, because you have that Direct Connection to Me at all times, your Soul.

I bless all who accept My Words.  I bless all children who use the Words so that their Soul will be returned to Me spotless, in a Beauty that nothing on earth can compare to.  Remember My Words, be example of My Words, and hold My Words close in every decision you make.  Let no man, no woman, no child, weaken your love for Me in any way, for any reason, at any time.  So be it.”

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