ON NOVEMBER 20, 1995 AT 12:35 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  This Gift The Father has given, instructing mankind of all ages on the Importance of the Gift of human life, the Reason for it, plus the Soul that is within each life that will be the Portion of mankind to return to God, a Saint.

We hear so much confusion from so many learned men and women when they discuss what is right, what is wrong.  In doing this, they are ignoring what the Gift of life is all about, the Purpose for it, the intellect that man has been given to be able to make decisions, especially those decisions that are based on The Father’s Commandments.  If every human being would see God’s Commandments in Their fullest degree logically, it would be difficult for anyone to commit one sin, one impurity.  Man has a way of casting aside certain facts, especially when they interfere with their manner of life, practicing humanism to the degree where, in reality, it goes beyond what humanism is, and can be termed ‘animalistic’ in nature, character, expression, action.

Logic should tell mankind that human life is a Precious Gift because of its understanding of what is right, what is wrong, what is good, what is evil, what is sound.  In reality, there have been many times that mankind has fallen into a despicable area of living, that purity is never really a question, because the individual, individuals are so wrapped up in doing what is impure, that there is no question that a decision must be made that is good, that is pure, that agrees with God’s Commandments.

We see mankind throughout the world practicing diabolical usage of the body, the mind, with no thought that one day there will have to be an accounting to God Himself.  It is true, there are many who do not believe in God.  It is true, there are many who never feel when they have done something impure, because they feel they have the right to act in any way they want to act.

Children are not being instructed in examining their conscience as to whether they have done something pleasing to God or displeasing to God.  Many children rarely hear the word ‘God’, because many adults, in practicing so much humanism, ignore totally that they are responsible to God for everything they do, everything they say, and everything they are example of every day.

We see so much diabolical literature being consumed by so many, totally ignoring what this is doing to their mind, to their actions, to their Soul.  We see some who are so absorbed in everything that is obscene, immoral to the point where it is a wonder they do not vomit because of its horrible sight, but they have become so accustomed to ignoring God’s Commandments that they automatically accept every so-called ‘adventure’ of human life in its foulest, most obscene indulgence.

So much has been handed to mankind, warning mankind, instructing mankind on the Importance of human life, and the Goal The Father has for it, plus the Reason for which it was created in the first place.  Many times when We are present and someone is reading What has preceded, What is being spoken now, What is being written now, We find all different kinds and depths of interpretation.  This Miracle of The Father’s Love has been delivered in a Pure State, because Those of Us Who have delivered Everything through this little one, do it from a Place We want everyone to return to.

We hear some say: ‘I am too practical to think in such an ultimate way.  I will live life as I see it, as I feel it, what I am accustomed to.  If I am to become “a Saint” it will happen.’ Mankind has not understood then, the importance of God’s Commandments and that They must be followed, because They are the Guidelines for a pure state of mind, of living.

It is so sad when We see one or more knowingly make a decision that is not just obscene, but beyond what obscenity is, totally diabolical.  Mankind is given a certain amount of years to live the human life.  We hear many say, ‘Make the most of it; live and let live.’ Sometimes this is a sad situation, because the actions at that moment are far from any pure intention or result.

So much has been given to mankind, alerting mankind, instructing them, encouraging and sharing with them the Importance of human life.  This alone should be seen that The Father truly cares, else why would He send so Many, why would He Himself speak many times through This Miracle of His Love, His Design, if What is being spoken, instructed, is not for a Great Purpose, with a Great Reason for mankind?  So be it.”

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