ON DECEMBER 26, 1995 AT 1:44 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  Mankind fears floods, earthquakes, danger in many ways, and yet We see millions of men, women and children participating in dangerous ways.  Chaos is a better name for it, because in the chaos the enemy of God and man moves quickly, rapidly, continuously, allowing no time for man to think, to rationalize, to consider what is actually occurring morally, spiritually.

Many men, women and children celebrate different events.  Some do it with much vigor, much talent, much energy, very particular in every portion of what they want to accomplish.

As I speak today, I glance throughout the world from Where I am, and you truly live in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.  Granted, there were many times since the beginning of mankind that could be considered demonic, because of so many violent acts against any chance, any practice of purity of the mind, of the body, of those who were participating in such diabolical humanistic practices.

Mankind is avoiding purity, because purity to mankind is not of great importance.  There have been many times in the History of mankind that vile acts of impurity spread like wildfire amidst cities, countries.

Mankind is ignoring the Importance of what human life is all about.  Some have a saying: ‘Live it to the fullest today, for tomorrow may not come.’ There is little emphasis on the Importance of human life and what it was created for.  Children are not being instructed on all there is to human life, besides what is obvious.

Human life has a Goal beyond any other goal that mankind can reach for.  Daily, We see a constant struggle for some to be considered in high positions that hold glory, honor, superiority, control.  We oftentimes say to The Father, ‘Can We not see that things will change so the Soul is not lost for all eternity?’ and He will say to Us, ‘What about the will I have given to make choices, that is a Gift from Me to all who are born as human life, human beings?’

Heaven is real, Heaven is truly a Place, but so few really and truly believe in This Place they cannot see, because they have little Faith in the Goal for which human life was created.

If mankind would but think:  Many plants reseed themselves; animal life has a way of coming back after it diminishes to a very small degree.  Human life has a Goal beyond any other thing, and that is to one day, for the Soul to return to Its Rightful Place for All Eternity.  Human life has a Purpose in the human way, and that is to use logic, intellect, reality, to take each day, be grateful for it, and make it worthwhile for others, and of course, for the Soul of one’s self.  Always remember that every action, every deed, every word has a way of affecting others’ lives mentally, morally, physically, spiritually.

Everyone who hears of This Miracle of The Father’s Love should make The Father a promise, out of thanksgiving for This Gift of Direction, of Truth, and that is, to be conscious of not only saving their own Soul from being cast into Hell, but to be responsible for the Soul or Souls of many, many others.  It would make life richer, happier, constructive, and yes, give to each day more meaning.

This Miracle has been given to mankind to awaken mankind to what a Precious Gift human life is, and the Beautiful Goal of each life, to return the Soul to The Father in a Beautiful State of Glory, of Sanctification.  Some might say, ‘How could this ever be?’ I, Saint Stanislaus, say: ‘It’s worth a try, and everyone is capable.  There are no favorites; everyone, in the Eyes of The Father, has the opportunity, the privilege to become “a Saint”.’  So be it.”

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