ON JANUARY 5, 1996 AT 2:42 PM


“I am Saint Ignatius Loyola.  Today We have spoken many things to those present, some to refresh the minds, the memories, and also to encourage more Information to be passed to the whole world.

When The Father handed to mankind a Precious Gift of His Divine Love, called a ‘Miracle Of Saint Joseph’, It was readily met with enthusiasm, interest, and yes, many questions personal and otherwise.  Today, many years later, men, women and children are still asking questions, and are not receiving the correct information that is needed to support the Real existence, the True existence, of This Gift of The Father’s Love for mankind.

So much has been dictated on important issues, especially the importance of the Goal of life that mankind was created to be a Part of; also, that the Goal of life is for the Soul of each living human being, and that the Soul is a Portion of The Father, as His Personal Gift to human life.  It is sad when We hear so much opposition to such Valuable Truths for mankind to see, understand, and be able to use the human life for the Goal that God intended it for.

We see men, women and children in great need for This Miracle of Divine Love.  We see many rejecting It because of what others tell them.  No human being is ever born without the will, the nature, that is necessary for the mind, for the intelligence to see the value of certain things, and see the importance of practicing certain things that are beneficial for the mind, the body, and of course, the Soul.

Some might say: ‘What about those who have deficiencies in certain areas?  Are they not included?’ This in many ways is a question that can be called ‘pure negativism’, and sometimes ‘a facetious injection’, because for every human life born to the world, there is a Portion of The Father within each life, the Soul, and The Father, in His Love for this Creation, has the Final Word, and through His Greatness, His Sacred Love for mankind, mankind must remember that His is the Final Word, and that He Alone understands beyond what the human mind could never comprehend.

This Gift of Divine Love that has been given, instructing mankind personally on the Value of human life, and on That Gift within it, the Soul, must be acknowledged openly with resolution to protect this Soul against all odds, and of course, against all manipulative minds who, in essence, find that such Important Information that has passed through This Miracle of Divine Love, in some ways diminishes their authority, their dominance, their importance.  This is in many ways based on a lack of sound reasoning, sound love for how The Father would work for the good of all Souls.  Much jealousy surrounds This Miracle of Divine Love, and jealousy, in its weakness, has in many ways kept many from seeing Truths that are Valuable to that unseen ‘Living Portion’ of mankind, ‘the Soul’.

So much has been delivered, instructing mankind on the importance of daily living, and the necessity to protect purity of mind, body and Soul in every act of daily life, in every thought, every word, every intention, because man is a Special Creation of The Father, and in this Creation there is a Portion of The Father that is rarely, if ever spoken about, so This Gift of This Miracle of Divine Love has used every effort, and a lot of Words, for men of all denominations, all degrees of intelligence, to understand what a Great Gift it is to be born, and bear within each life a Portion of The Father, Something that no other creation has.

All of Us Who speak through This Miracle automatically bless those who take the Words down for others to read.  The Blessing is not always obvious, but through the Blessing, an unseen strength is given, not just to encourage, but to safeguard the individual’s understanding of the Importance of human life, the responsibilities in human life, and the necessity to protect the Soul that is placed in human life.  So be it.”

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