ON JANUARY 18, 1996 AT 1:41 PM


“I am Padre Pio.  I have promised this little one I will be gentle with her today because of the weakness in her body.  Having walked a similar Path as she does, I am fully aware of what strength it takes to receive the Messages The Father desires mankind to have, because of the Importance of the Soul that is within each human life, every day at all times; This Gift of The Father’s Love, so Special in so many ways, so revealing, so direct, so unlimited in what an individual must conquer.

The world is a beautiful planet, more special than mankind fully understands, because on the world that Precious Creation of The Father’s exists physically, mentally, morally, socially, intelligently.  These Gifts are precious, because in these Gifts it gives to mankind dignity, goals, and of course that Special Goal, ‘Sainthood for the Soul’.

We hear so much talk about outer space, and the excitement it causes to some when they become a part of what outer space looks like, feels like.  It is an adventure, it is an accomplishment, it has intrigue, it is an emotional excitement of what a human life can do, can partake in.  Let Me put this in another perspective of what mankind has that, in Itself, in Its very existence, is not just a challenge but a Blessing, and it is sad to see so many men, women and children not understanding the privilege of human life, and that it has a Goal unto Itself beyond any goal man can anticipate or reach for.

Mankind has been Blessed since the beginning of mankind, because The Father has always given at specific times, not just Encouragement, but Examples, Direction, and even other human lives, for mankind of all cultures to find Truths through, find Guidance from, regarding what human life is all about.

This Time that The Father has given through a little one, so much Direction for the whole world of mankind, more understanding regarding the Soul placed within each conception, that is a Portion of The Father He Wills to be returned to Him, so that He can name that Soul ‘a Saint’ for All Eternity; this Soul, of course, representing an individual human life that The Father created out of His Love, for the Purpose of His Divine Love.

There are Many Saints Here Who pass through This Miracle continuously, no matter where this little one is, because at any given moment she is told to touch a life, for only the reason The Father Wills, and her obedience is important, because she receives very little, or none, inspiration, instruction, in reference to the individual or individuals that The Father chooses at any given time.

A parent instructs a child to be obedient, instinctively knowing that obedience is important in many ways, for many reasons, protective and otherwise, for the child’s safety, the child’s character, the child’s association with others along the way.  This little one The Father uses has a strict rule to live by: ‘obedience’ when it is inconvenient, ‘obedience’ when the body can no longer feel the strength to say or do certain things.

This Gift of The Father’s Love to mankind, through All the Instructions, Revelations, Guidance, is a Gift of Divine Love, because there is no human life that does not need This Gift of His at this time, and needless to say, All that has been written must be passed on for hundreds of years to come.  So be it.”

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