ON JANUARY 19, 1996 AT 12:24 PM


“I am Saint Peter Canisius.  Wherever This Miracle is present there is a constant, consistent form of Instruction, not always announcing the Name of the One from Here Who is speaking.  We use this small voice in every place she goes, places that everyone else patronizes:  stores, offices, restaurants, and in many personal conversations.  It is important for mankind to be touched by This Miracle, even in an ordinary manner of living, with no great announcement of which One of Us is speaking, Who We are, because it would be an extreme distraction that many could not handle, and would reject the Important Facts, Attention, that pass through her from Us to them.

All of Heaven loves This Miracle, because it is so important for mankind to see the Beauty of human life and how much The Father loves human life, because He instilled in it all the senses, plus intellect, and natural reaction to all that is said, and all that happens.  Mankind has been given the Gift of inventing things, astronomical inventions that give great forms of information for mankind to use.  God has left no area out that mankind is capable of existing in, or using to a beneficial point.

Man has the ability to discern what is right, what is wrong, what is totally good, and what is totally evil.  Mankind’s abilities in some areas are without a doubt far greater than mankind understands them to be, and as time goes on, one ability is the foundation for more abilities to be able to be exercised by the mental prowess of mankind.

We All enjoy This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph.  It is a privilege to partake in This Great Gift to the whole world, because in It We see mankind learning so much about the Value of human life, the Goal of human life, and in Our time that We lived, was but a stepping stone to this time in which you live.

Miraculous advancement in so many areas is a joy for Us, because We see in it human abilities, that in many ways bring out the best, the most, the greatest, in many who partake in them, and who are the receivers of them.  We also see that there is much Spiritual growth, but We also say in this area, that it must become more dignified.

As I speak on this day, I am not alone Where I am.  There are Several of Us present, and We have been present for a long time together, listening to all that has been talked about, decided upon, and We joined in your pleasure.

The Father is in control of This Great Gift of His, and do not forget, you cannot hold back from the whole world What The Father has given where you are.  The translations are important.  You have ventured into a major step of obedience.  So be it.”

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