ON FEBRUARY 7, 1996 AT 12:48 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.  Wherever this little one is, this voice, this obedience, We are.

The Father has chosen ‘this time’ for mankind to be instructed on the fullness, on the Importance, on the Dignity, on the Purpose for which mankind was originally created.  True, there were many things created in the universe before mankind.  The Father had a particular Purpose for this Gift of life.  He made it Special by placing within it a Portion of Himself, not fully understandable to man what This Portion exists as, looks like; but in the intellect of mankind there is a justice, and in this justice there is a sense of morality, that when morality is not evident, then immorality is accepted by the individual.

The Father’s Plan for mankind was Magnanimous in Its Design, Theory, Goal.  It was the only creation that was to inherit to one day be with The Father for All Eternity, but in this Decision of The Father’s, there had to be an additional Portion of Life added to the physical life, and that is called ‘the Soul’.  The Soul is Far Greater in Importance than mankind has the capacity to understand, because the Soul is and will be, What will represent the individual human life for All Eternity.

Let Me describe it this way:  A piece of fruit, many times, has within it what mankind calls ‘a stone’.  This stone can be replanted, allowing the life to live on, of the particular fruit from which the stone came.  This conception, this perception in regard to the Soul is minute, but to some it might give more understanding of the Importance of the Soul, because the Soul is the Life after death that returns to The Father, a Living Portion in the manner It was first given, but representing the life in which, in whom, It was given at the moment of conception.

We already hear some scoff at this description, but nonetheless, it is a manner of description that will help some better understand that the Soul is within for a Reason, a Purpose, a Condition.  So much is spoken through This Miracle, so much for mankind to more fully understand that life has a Purpose, a Goal, and that it is a privilege to be born as man.

Our Words, as They flow through the Soul of this little one through whom We All speak, takes a physical energy from her physical body not seen, because as Our Words flow, it takes physical concentration in many ways to permit Our Words to be given in the manner, in the form, that We deliver Them.  There are many men, women and children who will never hear These Words, but they must have the privilege to read Them so they will understand the Closeness that God is to all of mankind.  It was this way from the beginning; it will be this way until the end.

The Father has chosen a small child. The child has implanted within her being, the obedience, the willingness, the acceptance to repeat All that is and has been given for the whole world of mankind, to be able to logically understand what a Precious Gift that life is, living it as man.  So be it.”

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