ON FEBRUARY 12, 1996 AT 3:19 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  This little one through whom We All speak is a voice that has been instructed to repeat Our Words as We say Them.  The Responsibility is greater than anyone might see it to be, because Our Presence, What We say, is for the whole world to read.

There are so Many Here Who are requested by The Father to speak openly through her, because throughout the world there is so much immorality, even though those who are actively immoral know that what they are partaking in, what they are generating emotionally, physically, mentally, verbally, to be practiced by others, is against The Father’s Commandments in many ways, many areas, and to great degrees.

It is sad when We see human life become so vile, using so many degenerate actions in participation, that openly bespeak what the enemy of God wants them to do.  Justification of immorality can never be accepted by anyone’s Soul, because immorality is based on impurity that uses human life in an ugly role.  Not one minute of any day is there not an immoral act practiced, even by people who know as they are partaking in it, that it is threatening to their physical, their mental, and the Goal of their Soul.  We hear so many excuses, so many denials.  What a travesty immorality causes to Souls.

Mankind was designed to be the deliverer of the example of what God designed it to be:  a higher plane of design, of life, who in its very concept was above all other living things; but knowing this, the enemy of God and man constantly uses every weakness that mankind can succumb to, demeaning to the physical, insulting the Soul, and of course, using this means because of so much envy over human life, because it is created to one day return to The Father, the Soul.

We see children walking into devastating diabolical situations.  Some are doing this to escape control from those who love them.  Some are doing it out of personal contempt against the rules that were written by men a long time ago.  Defiance to what is right is always a sadness to see, because defiance has an ugliness in it, and it bespeaks animalistic behavior, of course, designed by the enemy of God and man.

Few speak of satan, of the devil, of the demons, because it is so ugly to think about, and in so many ways, so farfetched for mankind to even suggest, because it is rarely named openly.  It is just acted out for some weak reason, or reasoning that is defiant of what is correct, what is feasible, what is expected, what is moral.

The Father uses a small voice, but The Father has reason for this, for many times there is strength in the very sound, that if it were louder it would just shock the nervous system, and would not be heard for what It stood for, what It was meant to attract someone’s attention to.  We have heard some say, ‘Why would God not use a booming voice for so many Instructions to take place?’ We say, ‘Now you know, and now you know the logic makes sense.’ We hear some say: ‘Why does not God change the world?  He can make it right.’ That is true, but what about the Gift of Love, the individual right of every human being to choose right over wrong?

The Father’s Love for this creation, human life, has given it a Distinctness one alone, besides the intellect to learn about so many things, to advance mentally into areas new, different, showing progress.  The Father has given mankind very few restrictions on developing to the fullest, man’s imagination, man’s creativity, man’s abilities of the mind.

The world is a Blessed place because of This Miracle, because The Father has Personally given thousands and thousands and thousands of Words Himself, and Many Here in the Heavens, to give to mankind a strength to better understand the privilege of human life that has the Goal to become ‘a Saint’.  So be it.”

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