ON FEBRUARY 13, 1996 AT 10:18 AM


“I am Saint Columbkille.

When man receives a gift he is obliged to respond, even in just a few words, recognizing the giver of the gift.

It is important that mankind remember to thank God for the Gift of life.  Life is a Gift beyond any gift that mankind could receive from another human being, because the Gift of life has a Reason beyond human understanding.  It is a Gift that bears with it the Important Goal that nothing else in the world has, and that Goal is Sainthood, because of the Portion of God that is within each human life, called ‘the Soul’.  It is important for mankind to learn that each day, mention should be obvious in the form of thanksgiving for the Soul that is within the human life.

These things are not taught by those who have taken for their vocation in life the Spiritual role of guidance to others.  The world at this time is being governed by so much diabolical intercession, interference, because mankind has allowed himself and/or herself to be drawn into practicing all acts that in many ways are impure, indecent, immoral, and leave scars upon the individual’s Soul that should never be there.

We hear mankind say: ‘This is the modern age.  We have more freedom now to do what we would like to do.  We are not as restricted as those in the past who believe all that was taught by those who preached, those who felt superior in guidance of others’ lives.’

This Gift of The Father’s Love that dictates to mankind constantly regarding the Soul that is within each human life, must never be ignored, nor must It be cast aside as it being impossible for All This Direction to be through ‘a human being’.  We hear some say, ‘God does not work this way.’ This is a sadness for Us to hear, because mankind does not fully understand the Generosity that The Father extends to mankind so directly, so personally, so obviously, because mankind ignores the Greatness of a Supreme Being, putting much emphasis on human nature, abilities, choices, mentality.

This Gift of The Father’s Love that has given to mankind so much Instruction, so much Personal Direction, is called ‘The Miracle Of Saint Joseph’.  It has also enlightened mankind as to His Special Place as The Holy Spirit of The Father.  Logic should tell mankind that as The Foster Father of The Son of God, no one in the human way could have fulfilled this Task, this Supreme Place of Honor.

Many things that have been spoken about through This Miracle that bears His Human Name, has given great understanding in many ways, regarding the first days in which Christianity became evident.  Christianity has an Important Gift of Divine Light for mankind to better understand that man is human, but that man has within himself, herself, a Gift of Divine Love, the Soul.

This awareness should be spread throughout the world, so that those who are not close to ‘this place’ will be given the opportunity to better understand that life was created by The Father, and has a Great Goal to attain when the human life no longer exists.  The mentality of mankind, the conscience of mankind, the abilities of mankind, should tell mankind there is a Higher Place for mankind to reach for.

It is innate in mankind to want to be successful.  Does this not also say that The Father would instill into human life, in the Love He has for it, to have it return to Him, That Portion of Himself that He placed at the moment of conception?  So be it.”

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