ON MARCH 13, 1996 AT 10:54 AM


“I am Moses.  I speak often through this little instrument of The Father’s, because it is important that all of mankind more fully understand what a privilege it is to be born as man.  It is sad when a child is born to the world into a place amongst people who deny the Magnitude of human life as The Father intended it to be seen.

Since the beginning of human life, there was an automatic dignity, even amongst those who lacked education, understanding, and the ability to speak coherently in a tongue of their way of life.  Sounds were made, gestures understood, and in the evolvement of languages, the intelligence of mankind became more evident.  The abilities to relate to each other in a more dignified understandable manner gave an ease to everyday living, because through the growth of intellect, mankind became more understanding of values, but through this stage there were many who became vile in their direction because of the power they wanted over others.  Human life had a distinct beginning, a privilege beyond all other things.

As We come to this time thousands of years later, We see mankind struggling psychologically, physically, mentally, in many areas, for many reasons:  some with good intentions, some with impure intentions, some even with evil intentions.

Mankind was designed by The Father, bearing a mentality that could be able to develop, to contain, to communicate with all others in different forms, in different ways of association, different languages.  Mankind has the ability to choose right over wrong, good over evil, truth over untruth, balance over imbalance, because of the senses of mankind that at this point in time have the ability of understanding, the ability to use the mind for creativity, to develop progress that The Father has made available to mankind with other things that He created.

At this time in which you now live, The Father has given to the world much Instruction, Direction, to help mankind better understand, to more fully understand, that the body, the senses, are a means to a Greater Goal, and that these things must be used to find That Goal that is beyond human understanding, human ability to see with the eyes; the ability to recognize that with all that has passed through time, that This Gift of The Father’s Love with so much Instruction, is deliberately drawing the path to a Greater Goal than mankind can understand, that up to this time was talked about in some ways, but not so deliberately, so clearly spoken about as the Greatest Gift mankind could ever reach for, and It is available to all races, all colors, all creeds, all dimensions of mentality.  No one is left out.  The Goal is through the Soul of the individual.  It is called ‘Sainthood’.

In daily life mankind is eager to find something special for an act, for a good intention, because goodness many times calls for a response in some form that gives happiness.  These Words must remind mankind that to live with sound moral values, moral standards, based on The Father’s Commandments, always with the Soul in mind, to return It to The Father, has a Goal beyond what human life can fully understand, but Faith in God, in the knowledge of all that has been created, gives strength to the belief that there is a Goal to life beyond what mankind can fully understand, but through Faith in God, believes in Its Existence.

This Miracle has given so much Instruction, Direction, Hope, and through it All, for many, many, many years to come, the written Words will give to all who will receive Them, a Goal that is beyond any Goal mankind can seek for other things in life.  The Goal is Sainthood.”

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