ON MARCH 15, 1996 AT 1:20 PM


“I am Saint Stanislaus.  We oftentimes smile when We hear learned men and women deny This Miracle because of their inability to understand the True Love God has for mankind.  God’s Love is Endless, Boundless, and at no time is God out of the lives of mankind, because in the creation of each human life, He places a Portion of Himself.  We call It ‘a Light’, a Light that can only be recognized as a Light of His Divine Love, radiating from Him, because there is no other light of this Great Measure, Importance, in the whole world.

At this time that mankind is just beginning to hear more in a personal way, about the Importance of human life and the Treasure that each life has within it, the Soul, mankind must read All that has been given through This Miracle of Divine Love, because It will give much strength, moral and physical, and enlighten mankind on the importance of loving God above all things; also, realizing that the ‘freedom of will’ instilled into each birth is a Gift of Divine Love, and has great responsibility to the freedom of this will.

We hear men, women and children throughout the world cherish the freedom they have, and be concerned over a lack of freedom that they are forced with.  The Father has handed to each living human being ‘a will’, and this will has the ability, the freedom to choose, not blindly but with logic, common sense, choices, decisions, and mankind has been endowed with the ability to know that purity is the best choice in all matters, for all things, in all occasions, over impurity, because of the innate knowledge, degree of understanding that is in the mind, also radiates in the actions, the intentions, the decisions in everyday living.

Sometimes We hear derogatory remarks about this little one through whom We All speak, disbelief in What is occurring through her.  This is a sadness, because those who express such doubt are insecure in their understanding of the Generosity of God, in the Love He has for His Creation of human life.

Human life is an extension of The Father in many ways, because in the conception of life it is creativity, and in each life a Portion of Him is placed; It’s called ‘the Soul’.  A union that mankind has with God is truly a Union of Divine Love that nothing else created has within it, because you see, though everything has a purpose, the Creation of human life has a Goal Designed by God Himself, because of the Soul that He places within each human creation.  So be it.”

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