ON MARCH 19, 1996 AT 1:50 PM


“I am Saint Jude Thaddeus.  It is a privilege The Father gives Us to take part in This Gift of His Divine Love to the whole world of mankind.  Allowing All of Us Saints to speak gives Each of Us a happiness, because It is The Father’s Love that directs Us in what the subject should be.

Children should be taught about the importance of everything they do, they think, they accept, they practice, they become a part of, because each of these things gives them a responsibility to make the right decisions over the wrong decisions, and to participate gives them the opportunity to share in helping others more fully understand what a privilege it is to be man, and that they have the opportunity to become ‘a Saint’.

There are so many different forms of religious beliefs, not all ethical, not all really instructing truthfully, properly, on what one would expect religion would automatically be.  The enemy of God and man oftentimes uses the zealousness, the eagerness of all ages, encouraging them to believe that they can have leadership on Spiritual values for others to learn from, to follow.  There are so many false prophets throughout the world, using ego over and above what is sound spiritually.  Many people engage in their need to instruct others, because they feel that in this practice it will give them some degree of attention, and they do not see it as ego but as others seeing them, because of the attention they personally need.

I hear many prayers, not as many as I used to.  People are not praying as much as they used to.  There are so many distractions throughout the world, due to the modernization of what is available, updating the human being to many different types of interest, thus allowing prayer to diminish in many areas, many ways, ignoring the necessity of it and for it.  Statues are being cast aside into hidden places.  Prayers are not being spoken as generously as they used to be, and also, prayers are not being spoken as devoutly as they should be.

It is sad to see so much Spiritual dissension throughout the world, humanistic ideas playing an important part, diminishing what prayer should be.  In fact, another aspect of this, is that few kneel in respect, in dignity, in a conscious effort to make the prayers more obvious, special, thus allowing fewer distractions to the time set aside for prayer.

Children are not being taught to kneel, because of so much confusion.  Children are being allowed to see prayer in a different way, eliminating the importance of it.  There is so much casualness, indifference, portrayed in every part of human life.

Adultery is evident throughout the world in every age group, and taken for granted that it is acceptable, not against one of God’s Commandments.  In fact, it is so acceptable that it has taken on many other aspects, wherein it has integrated with other abnormal behaviors.

The world of mankind has put so much emphasis on updating everything, calling it ‘progress’.  While there may be progress in certain areas, there has been a tremendous demeaning force to Spiritual practices, beliefs.  It is time that mankind stop and look at what each one is accepting, and reevaluate what is morally sound, morally valuable, and make a decision to eliminate what pleases only the enemy of God and man.

It is true, All of Us Here in the Heavens request The Father to allow Us to speak, because it is important for mankind to more fully understand that God is The Commander of All Things, and the enemy of God is using the weaknesses of mankind to disregard what is morally sound for the Souls of all living human beings.  So be it.”

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