ON MARCH 25, 1996 AT 1:50 PM


“I am God The Father.  I use a small voice, because if I were to use one fraction of the Power I Am, mankind could not stand the Power.

A little one has been given much Responsibility.  This Responsibility is based on obedience, and of course, love for Me.  The world must hear of This Miracle in which so much has been delivered, so much Instruction.  There is no place in the world that any human being is capable of delivering What I Will to be delivered.  That is why It is done as I do it.  I use a small, obedient child, frail, but willing to repeat All the Words because of the Importance of What This Miracle is all about.

Mankind must understand that My Will must be obeyed, and that My Will for mankind is because of the Soul which I place in each Creation of Mine.  The human way is of an Importance that mankind does not realize, even though many Lessons have gone forth to the world, instructing mankind on the Importance of human life because of the Soul I place within each conception.

I hear mankind many times deny My Existence, the possibility of My Existence, and the impossibility, because man’s mind cannot realize the Phenomena of All that I am Capable of.

I have handed to mankind a long time ago, Rules that were to give mankind courage, moral strength, understanding, that human life was different than any other living matter or thing.  Human life is a Blessing above all of My Creations, because I created human life to spend Eternity with Me.

Some say, ‘I cannot fathom walking around Heaven; it’s impossible, because Heaven obviously is much different than what the earth is all about.’ These remarks eliminate that in My Creation of all things, in My Creation of mankind, I created it differently.  I gave to mankind the senses, the mind, the nature, the ability to make decisions.  Why would I have done this if mankind was not different, and had a different Goal than all other things I created?

I do not expect mankind to understand one billionth of What I Am All About, one zillionth of What I Am All About.  It is impossible, but I have created mankind for a Purpose beyond all other Creations of Mine, because I gave mankind an in-depth knowledge, perception, understanding, that human life has not just a challenge but a Goal, and that human life is exceptional, in that it has a reasonability.  It has an individual personal sense of moral control.

As I speak through this little one, I hold My Power to a degree that her physical can withstand, because the human body, as I have created it, could never stand the Power that I can extend when I Will it to be.

I bless those who understand that there is a Greater Way for mankind than any other thing I have created, and that is because of the Soul that is within.  That Soul is a Portion of Me.  Remember this; be example of it.

Let others read What I have spoken, and be assured each day that everything that any individual does, says, practices, I am aware of, and all things are accountable through the Soul of the individual, individuals, because of the in-depth logic that says to mankind that human life has an Importance beyond all other things.

I bless those who take My Words, and I bless those who will read My Words, and I bless those who will see the Importance of My Words, because of the Soul that is within each living human being.”

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