ON APRIL 15, 1996 AT 11:10 AM


“I am Saint Frances Cabrini.

Mankind plays ignorance when it comes to sound reasoning regarding the Importance of human life, and the Gift of Divine Love that is a Part of human life, a Living Part, an Active Part.  It is difficult for some men, women and children to comprehend that a Living Portion of God Himself is a Living Portion of mankind.

You live in a time of great progress, mechanical, humanistic, but this progress does not always include the Importance of the Soul that identifies mankind as a different creation than all other things created.  At this time there is so much controversy caused by diabolical weaknesses in the minds, actions, morals of men, women and children throughout the world.

We hear so much rejection regarding this possibility, even when there are numerous evidences that what is being practiced by millions of people lacks moral soundness, moral obedience to God’s Commandments.  The Commandments were given to instruct mankind on the importance of sound reasoning; also, to help mankind readily understand that there are two actions in human life:  one is right, one is wrong; and that logic automatically instructs mankind, no matter how highly educated a human being is, or those who have no formal education, right, purity in actions, thoughts, are the important measures by which mankind must act, because of the Importance of the Soul that is within each human life.

Approximately 4,000 years ago, God gave to mankind a human life that He chose to walk in different paths, before the Announcement of God’s Commandments were made, so that this ‘special instrument’ of His would have the benefits of balance that it would take to understand the Reason, the Purpose, the Need for These Commandments to be given, to be lived, to be personally practiced and instructed upon so These Commandments would not die when he died, but would live on for the benefits of all who were to follow for all time to come.

Before this Great Announcement to Moses, mankind was aware of what was right, what was wrong, but much of this was based on position and the characteristics needed at that time.

If there was no Living Part of God within each human life, mankind would be like all other animal life, but there is a Goal for mankind and this Goal is to return to The Father for All Time.

We hear some say, ‘I believe in God.’ This basically is just a statement, because this statement says, ‘It pleases others.’ It also gives credence to the physical portion of this individual, sometimes financially, sometimes just to be important in the eyes of others.

The world is in more than turmoil.  The justification of immorality, impurities of all kinds is prevalent, thus ignoring that man was created as a different type of species of human life than any other living thing.  Right now in what is called ‘religious circles’, We see total devastation morally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, because where there is confusion, there is the enemy of God and man.  There is no serenity.  Human values are demeaned, discarded, totally ignored, because humanism is like animalism.

Even though you have many religious Faiths throughout the world, they are not all of sound foundations.  So much of these are based on self-importance, self-love, a definite need for attention.  The world is saturated with men, women, and even children who feel they have the Gifts of Divine Guidance, Divine Hope, Divine Protection, Divine Love.  This is not so.  The Father only uses a few when the Task is so Monumental, because it is easier for mankind to focus more intently, more understandably on a given Point, Direction, than it would be if there were hundreds to listen to, read about.

This is how satan uses confusion.  When there is confusion in a home, it affects the mental of all concerned, the attitudes.  It many times has a destructive force in relationships, even in the love that the individuals feel for each other.  Confusion causes jealousy.

When the beloved Moses was given so much Instruction at a given time, it was beyond any human mind to be able to remember the minutest detail, the importance of each detail.  This can only be appreciated, understood, when the Instructions come from The Father.  That is one of the reasons This Miracle is so Magnanimous, contrary to all the doubts, jealousies, rejections of so many so-called ‘learned’ men and women.

What is spoken through This Miracle has Fact in It, Logic, Sensitivity, Sound Reasoning, and is delivered with a spontaneity that no human mind would so continuously have the power to do.  It is sad when We hear jealousy over This Miracle, rejection, personal opinions.  They are obviously not just demeaning, but register human opinion that is only based on personal opinion, with no sound reasoning or Supernatural understanding.

This Gift of The Father’s Love is more Precious to mankind than mankind is understanding.  It is important that the little one through whom We All speak does what The Father has directed her to do.  It is now as it was in the time of Moses.  So be it.”

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