ON APRIL 15, 1996 AT 12:53 PM


“I am Saint Peregrine.  Mankind is being spoon-fed by The Father, using Many of Us Saints to reach mankind, to instruct mankind on the importance of purity based on God’s Commandments, instructing mankind that morality is an important factor in every aspect of human life.

The human mind has the ability to learn many things, and to divulge to others what has been learned by the individual in whom this particular mind is an important part of.

Throughout the world We see men, women and children of all races, all degrees of intellect, all degrees of moral values, moral standards, talking about everything but important issues.  Distractions come easy to the eyes and the ears and all the senses, and We see men, women and children ignoring what is right, what is sound, what is reasonable to choose over what is impure, dishonest, and basically evil in many degrees.

What is a mortal sin to you?  Ask yourself:  Do you base a mortal sin on your own opinion that you associate with your likes, your dislikes, or the importance of what you want, what you reject, what you actively participate in that basically is questionable as to its purity?  During the day, do you ever question yourself on how you treated your time with others?  Were you kind?  Were you critical?  Were you oblivious to their needs, their hurts, or the conditions they were troubled by?  How often do you spend the time trying to improve your moral values, moral standards, and being good example to others, or do you ever even consider this as an important factor in daily life?

Do you ever ask yourself, ‘Did I act out of selfishness or need?’ Also, at the end of the day, do you ever examine your own day and wonder if you performed in any way to be good example to others, give hope when it was needed, strength when it was needed?  Mankind rarely examines his or her own manner of living, mode of living, because with all that is occurring, We see mankind taking everything for granted, moods right or wrong, decisions right or wrong, participations right or wrong.

One of the rarest things in the world is to hear a man, woman or child examine their conscience, and then desire to improve the next day, grow more conscious, act more conscious of others, and eliminate much of the selfishness that is within.  I am not saying that you should concentrate so hard that you become critical to the point that you would be difficult to be with, but do be conscious of your conscience.  Be conscious of how you reflect in other people’s lives.  Be concerned about your sincere concern for others.  If mankind would look at these things in the right manner that I have just spoken, the world would be a much happier place, and children of all ages would automatically imitate.

One of the things that sometimes is amazing to watch, is that someone designs an item that has no real purpose to it, or will have no real effect on an individual’s Soul, but this item will overpower, overtake generations of ages, and everyone will be intrigued by something that is meaningless, has no real purpose.

My next Statement should be no surprise:  Would an examination of an individual’s conscience at a given time every day, for one week, now this would have to be on one’s morals, what effect one would have on others’ lives, plus how many memorable acts of kindness are involved.  To some, This Statement would be impossible, because life is just not tuned that way, but I sincerely feel that an examination of one’s habits, how one affects other people on issues in daily life, would most certainly give much meaning to everything that one is faced with, and in many ways place much value on the privilege of being a human being, taking part in the Generosity of God because of so much that mankind has to live for, live with, live by, and to help others in many ways, for many reasons, to enjoy human life in a fuller degree of understanding of the Importance of human life.

I could dictate many more Words for you to write, but what I have just spoken covers many areas of life.  So be it.”

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