ON APRIL 18, 1996 AT 11:21 AM


“I am Saint Francis de Sales.  There is no Word spoken through This Miracle that We do not hear; also, most Sentences of Great Worth are Our Injections in conversations this little one has with one or more others with whom she is speaking, instructing on different subjects.

The world has been Blessed, but at this time in which you live, mankind does not fully understand what a Beautiful Blessing is because of so much humanism, that in many ways bears little substance to its full meaning; and also, mankind must understand that things of little value have a transparency in them that oftentimes affects what is being said, because there is more humanism in its content, opinions, sincerity, purpose.

The world is made up of many things.  When I say this, I am referring to everything that is connected to mankind.  Man has the need for nourishment, not just food, but to help the intellect in many ways, morally, physically, spiritually.

The Creation of mankind had a Purpose beyond all other things The Father created, because mankind, Designed to the Image and Likeness of God, bears within each one a Portion of Him, called ‘the Soul’.  Granted, no human being looks like God physically.  That is why He gave to the world a Divine Son, because He, in His Love for mankind, gave to mankind a figure of a man that would give more Strength to understanding ‘being made to the Image and Likeness of Him’.  There are many reasons, purposes, for all things The Father has created.

This Gift of The Father’s Love, This Miracle that bears so much Information directed to individuals of all intellect, must be seen for Its Great Worth and not be cast aside like so many are doing.  It is sad when We see intelligent human beings ignore a Gift of The Father’s Love, either through an innate competitiveness or jealousy, or a rejection of the Great Love The Father has for every living human being.

You live in a difficult time, and there were many such times in the past, but with all the so-called ‘modernization’, the upgrading of intellect that mankind is so proud of, it is sad to see so much arrogance, jealousy, even hate, where This Miracle of Divine Love is so aptly instructing mankind on the Importance of human life, and the Great Goal for which it was created.

The Father chose a small voice, one of small stature, but one whom He knew would be obedient at the slightest Instruction, because of the Importance of the Souls of every living human being that is a Portion of The Father, unseen, but That Particular Thing that gives to human life a Special Advantage, Goal, above all other things.

Mankind throughout the world must be made aware of All that has been delivered, because no human being should be left out, and not have the ability to understand that he or she is the custodian of a Soul from the moment of conception.  So be it.”

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