ON MAY 15, 1996 AT 11:23 AM


“I am Saint Agnes.

It is the Love of The Father for mankind, that This Miracle of His Divine Love is able to deliver so much Instruction, so much Love, for all purposes that mankind is involved in, and for all degrees of intelligence that mankind has the ability to use for different reasons, on different occasions, for different purposes.

Children are not being instructed in the reality that human life, designed by The Father, has a Purpose, has responsibilities, has a Goal.  Little ones are being allowed to express their anger, their weaknesses in so many ways, because those in charge of them are bent on them having freedom to a degree that is dangerous to their Soul.  I do not advocate abusive control, but I do advocate constructive, instructive teaching on what is right, what is good, what is best for their mind, their body and their Soul.

There are millions of children who are never taught about the Importance of human life.  They are raised to see the value of monetary measures, goals, and the importance of learning many subjects that oftentimes ignore, or eliminate the moral aspects that make each subject more important, more beneficial.

Some children are taught a prayer and that is the end of the instruction.  The child finds himself or herself barren of any real understanding of what it means to be good in the eyes of all other people.  They are instructed in what that unit in which they live uses, as what is comfortable for that group.

You live in a time wherein higher education of the mind, for the mind is pressured, but the basics of moral values, moral standards are many times ignored, because those in charge are bent on allowing the individual to be left on his or her own instincts, abilities, conscience, understanding, and intentions.  Sound guidance is not prevalent.  There is too much laxness regarding what is right over what is wrong.  Too much is considered allowable.  Some of this is because those in charge could be considered lazy in their efforts to correct, to instruct, to direct verbally or through example.

We hear so much about freedom.  We also see so much that does not designate freedom as having responsibilities.

When This Gift of The Father’s spoke about mankind living in a time worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, We heard remarks, some partially agreeing, but also some questioning such a strong Statement, because they do not, nor did not see the reality of what was taking place.  Morality was not emphasized, thus allowing immorality to be acceptable.

At this time children of very young ages are being allowed not just a freedom, but an encouragement to act, think, and use their speech, their sensitivities, to a degree that does not just border on moral destructiveness, but can be seen as an open door to total immorality in many areas of life.

It is a sadness Here in the Heavens, because mankind has progressed so much, in so many areas of learning, yet there is one place in many places throughout the world where morality of the mind, the body is cast aside and diminished to what occurred in Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Father allows Us to speak, to instruct through This Gift The Father has given to the world, because of the need of all ages to see the importance of God’s Commandments, and to more fully understand that God created human life with a Portion of Himself that is to be returned to Him at a given time.  It is the Soul, and there is no living human being that does not have a Soul.  So be it.”

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