ON MAY 15, 1996 AT 12:08 PM


“I am Saint Columbkille.

When mankind is aware of an emergency, he or she uses every degree of knowledge or physical strength to correct, to help, to make things in a normal way as soon as possible.

This Miracle of The Father’s Love is definitely an Emergency Call to all of mankind.  So much has been delivered in an instructive, constructive manner, format, so that mankind of all degrees of mentality and spirituality would become alert to the necessity of promoting, encouraging, and/or acting in ways beneficial to help the Souls that are being tormented by all the immorality that is being accepted in all ages, all nationalities, all degrees of intelligence.  Immorality is impurity in many forms, many degrees.  Immorality is abusive to the Soul or Souls involved.

The Father allows Us the privilege to help mankind through Words understandable, alerting all degrees of intelligence, all manner of living, that morality is important to the Soul, purity of mind and body important to the Soul, because the Soul is a Portion of God that no other living thing has.  It is important that all ages read the Words We have given, because The Father has Directed it to be done this way.

Mankind talks about loving one another.  Love is important, but when it is impure in its actions, it pleases only the enemy of God and man.

Much has been delivered verbally and through the written Words, and no human being of any age can logically deny the Value of These Truths, These Directions, because They are All beneficial to all ages, of all walks of life.

Remember What I have spoken, and be sure that These Words are passed on, not placed in a corner where They will never be seen.  So be it.”

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