ON JUNE 24, 1996 AT 1:14 PM


“I am Saint John.  This Gift of Divine Love The Father has given to mankind is a Gift beyond man’s understanding, because it is a Gift of such Greatness, such Divine Love, that mankind finds it difficult to understand such a Degree of Love.

As The Father has directed All of Us Here with Him to continuously instruct mankind in a Way, a Manner, in Words that mankind can easily understand, The Father has sent This Gift of Divine Love to the whole world at a time when It is much needed, due to so much diabolical presence in every area, in every place that mankind exists.

I hold the little one deeply, because there are Many of Us present.  Our faces are evident to her and she is fully aware of the Importance of Every Word she must repeat, because millions of people throughout the world must read All that has been delivered, and find in the Words that Personal Love that radiates through What is spoken, and of course, because of the Nature of This Gift of Divine Love that is so Precious to the Soul of every living human being.

She stares at the Vision and tries to see the faces more clearly.  We All smile at this, because she tries to identify Who Each One is.  Mankind would say, ‘What would prompt her to think she could recognize Each and Every One present?’ What they do not understand is that since her birth, her ‘Preparations’ were continuous, to be able to deliver to the world on a second’s notice, What The Father Willed for mankind to hear, or to read, or for many, both of these things.

I ask you now to picture for yourselves, first a thousand people, and try to identify their faces.  Now let that number rise to five thousand, then ten thousand, and even more.  Have you met that number in your lifetime, that you would recognize them by name?  I doubt that you have, but what mankind does not fully understand regarding This Miracle of The Father’s Love, is that We are always present at good times and at bad times, and We are aware of all things that occur, all things that are spoken, and We are aware of sadness, happiness, and all things that make up the nature of human beings, for do not forget, Most of Us Who speak were at one time living as you live.  We had what mankind would call ‘an intellect, certain abilities, feelings, human feelings, sensitivities to situations and people’.  I could go on and on.

It is important that All that has been delivered be passed throughout the world.  Some may say, ‘That is an impossibility.’ I say, ‘Have you ever heard an expression used oftentimes: “If you say it loud enough, someone will hear it, someone will repeat it, someone will agree with it, or disagree with it”?  because you see, the voice, on any subject, has the way of remaining in the minds, the thoughts of everyone who hears them.’

There are those who just need to read on a subject matter, and they automatically share it, especially if they are questioning it; or some who get enthused about a subject want to share it, or want an opinion on it.  Speech in every language connects mankind together.

Another thing that is very important is the will of man, how he or she uses it.  This can have a lasting effect on all who come in contact with it.

All the Facts on the Crucifixion dwindled down through time, but remember one thing, the Fact that It occurred is yet spoken about, and oftentimes used to drive some point of direction to those who hear what is said, or who may one day read some descriptive form regarding It.

I will draw her slowly out of the Vision to partially erase the Vision, because it is so overwhelming, and also, What I have said is important to be remembered.  This Miracle must travel throughout the world because mankind is in great need of It throughout the world.  If you were to see all the demons that are working with such great energy, you could not stand the sight, nor could you stand the stench.  I promise you, you could not stand the scene.

I will withdraw her slowly, but I want you to know that What I have spoken is of Great Importance, because This Gift of The Father’s must become known throughout the whole world because of the need of Souls.  So be it.”

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