ON JULY 12, 1996 AT 12:51 PM


“I am Saint Bonaventure.

The Father has given to mankind a Gift filled with Divine Love, Divine Grace, Divine Hope, Divine Instructions.  It is important that This Miracle travel throughout the world, letting no language, no culture, stand in Its way of reaching men, women and children, because it is important that all of mankind become aware that each human being is close to The Father every moment of every day.  We hear some say: ‘How can this be?  We cannot see Him, we cannot feel Him, our conversation is all one-sided when we talk to Him.’ This is not one hundred percent fact or truth.

At the moment of conception, a Gift of Divine Love called ‘the Soul’, is instilled in every living human being.  It is a Gift beyond human measure, because this Gift is the Connecting Link between God and man.  The Soul is more than mankind understands It to be, because the Soul, as a Portion of The Father, is extended to mankind in a Living Form, a Living Manner.  It is connected to mankind’s conscience, will, integrity, understanding, and all aspects of mankind that make mankind different than any other creation of God’s.

We hear so many instruct on different forms of so-called ‘religious beliefs’.  All are not adequate in their detail or are they totally pure in their content of understanding.  Many times humanism overshadows the True Identity of Who created all things.

You live in a very humanistic time.  This is not in just one place in the world, but it is practiced throughout the world.  Children are not being instructed on the importance of morality, its full significance, and how important it is to the individual’s Soul.

We heard a child not too long ago say to an adult, ‘What does my Soul look like?’ The parent was lost for words, because the child had heard this statement from a friend and the parent could not answer the question, nor could this particular parent connect the Soul to God.

That is just one of the Reasons why This Miracle of Divine Love is so Important.  It is a Miracle of Instruction, casting out all doubts regarding the Importance of human life and why it is necessary to understand that there is a God, and it is through This God that all things were created.  This Miracle has handed to mankind a Personal Gift of Divine Love, because through All that has been spoken there is some Portion that will help one or more people to see what a Treasured Gift human life is, and that human life has a Goal because of the Soul that was received at the moment of conception.

We hear some individuals constantly cry out negativism.  It is sad, because just knowing that they are never alone should give them the courage, the help to conquer many obstacles, many disappointments, many hurts, many denials.

The Love that has passed through This Miracle for every human being can only be The Father’s Love, and as Each of Us Saints Here in Heaven are told to speak so that others will become aware of the Importance of the Soul, it is a privilege and an additional Gift of Divine Love for Each of Us, because you see, Heaven is Real, Sainthood is Real, and God is Real.  So be it.”

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