ON JULY 24, 1996 AT 12:17 PM


“I am Saint Bartholomew.

It is a great sadness when We hear anyone say that they cannot believe that The Father would come to the world at this time, so openly, with so much Direction through one voice.

We hear men question This Gift of Divine Love.  Others dare to say: ‘It’s possibly true.  Why don’t we check into It more personally and get to know the individual as others know her?’ The subject is usually cast aside because that would mean attention, and a possibility of understanding the Truth in This Gift of Divine Love.

Children of all ages must learn that there is much more to human life than what they understand it to be.  Logic should tell them and everyone else that a Miracle of This Dynamic Force has to be True, because no human being could deliver the Words so spontaneously, based on their own mentality.

All that has been delivered must be written in languages understandable to millions of people throughout the world.  There is no Miracle of This Degree, This Type, This Manner, comparable to What is being delivered in ‘this place’.

I am standing before the little one and deliberately instructing her to be sure that All that has been delivered, millions must see, not just hear about but see, because of the Manner in which It is spoken through her, and the Importance of the Souls that will be saved because of These Words, These Sentences that in Themselves say that no human being could love mankind so personally, so inwardly, because no human being is capable of This Degree, or Type of Love.

The whole world has been Blessed because of The Father’s Love for mankind.  Never has so much been spoken about the Soul that is placed within each conception of mankind.

We hear many discuss This Miracle of Divine Love and they say, ‘If It be true, let one of us be told the full significance of It, and how it is done to one mind, one body, for the benefit of all Souls.’

When mankind receives a priceless gift from someone close to them, or through some game they are involved in, there is great joy and many times much confusion along with the joy.  This Gift of The Father’s Divine Love has been handing to mankind a Gift beyond any human idea, or ability to produce a Gift of This Magnitude.

It is sad for Us to see doubters.  It is even difficult for Us to understand how so many learned men tell others not to accept This Gift because it is not from Heaven.

The world has been Blessed, and it is sad for Me to say mankind does not always appreciate a Gift of such Magnitude.  Do not forget, All that has been delivered must reach all races, all intellects, all denominations of Spiritual understanding, beliefs, because there is no one that should not be given This Miracle as The Father Decreed It to be.  So be it.”

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