ON OCTOBER 28, 1996 AT 1:33 PM


“I am Saint Callistus.  I, and Many Other Saints, speak many times through this little one The Father has designated to repeat Our Words as We say Them, to help mankind of all races, all colors, all creeds, to more fully understand that human life is of Divine Will, Divine Design, Divine Purpose, and that mankind must understand that there is a Specific Goal for human life that is above and beyond all other things.

The small voice We All use is an obedient voice, one in which and through which, Our Words of Love, Protection, Instruction and Direction, pass instantaneously as We direct Them to be.  We hear many argue, ignore, reject What This Miracle of Divine Love so graciously gives to mankind because of the Soul that is within each human life.

The Soul is not just given to one nationality and not to another, to one color of human life and not to another.  It is given at the moment of conception to every human being.  Though It is not seen and not felt, it is instinctive in mankind to know that through their free will they have the right to do many things, and they know right from wrong.  This Statement alone should tell mankind that human life is Special, above all other living things.

We hear so many arguments, needless in content and essence, regarding animal life and the life that exists in many other things.  No other living thing can be put on the same level that human life was created for, exists in, and is responsible to.

It is important that This Miracle pass throughout the world.  We hear some say, ‘What do you mean, Miracle?’ Miracle is Communication to the whole world of mankind, through the Soul of one living human being that follows Our Directions at any given time.  This Task of Obedience is unlike any other task mankind can relate to, and if mankind will but recognize that obedience of This Nature, This Magnitude, would not be ordinary to human life, because mankind, having a free will, would be unable, unless it was a God-given Gift of Divine Love, to dictate All that is requested to be repeated at any moment, day or night.

Ordinarily mankind has the freedom of his or her will. The child through whom We speak, the voice that The Father has appointed for All of Us to use, speaks in a normal manner on many issues, but knows that there is an Important Gift of Divine Love that must never be ignored, dismissed, because This Gift is for the whole world of mankind to learn from, so that mankind will strive to be obedient to God’s Commandments, and better understand the Purpose for human life because of that Precious Gift of Divine Love at the moment of conception, called ‘the Soul’.  So be it.”

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