ON OCTOBER 30, 1996 AT 2:24 PM


“I am Saint Frances Cabrini.

The world does not realize what a loss it is experiencing, due to the fact that so many who desired to follow a religious life found themselves walking away, and there are so few truly left in this position of service to God, due to the fact that changes in Spiritual matters caused a collapse of Spiritual motives, desires, and sound reasoning.

Throughout the world there are so many men, women, and even some children practicing humanism rather than spiritualism, spiritualistic vows dedicated to the service of God for the good of one Soul or several Souls.  Mankind says the reason for this is the modernization of thinking, the updating of morals, values, practices, and the potential that is available to be participants in a more modern world of activities, of dimensions.

Children are not being taught, or are they being given the example of the Importance of God being First, and Above all things, and that life was created for a Higher Goal:  to become ‘a Saint’.

Where there is a lack of Spiritual communication, there is a lack of sound reasoning regarding the importance of a vocation dedicated to service to God in its full measure, for not just personal goal, but to aid others in realizing and responding to the necessity to better understand, more realistically recognize, that human life has another dimension to it, besides the human activities that ignore the importance of Spiritual endeavors, and Spiritual dedications on specific vocations that lead others to more fully understand that life has a Purpose, and that is to reach the Goal of Sainthood.

What I have just so briefly spoken could be elaborated upon extensively, with much more in-depth reasonings, but at this time, hopefully What I have said will be sufficient to awaken in some that the Spiritual life, dedicated to upholding a personal practice of service to God, will initiate others to think about this, and see the value of it.  So be it.”

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