ON OCTOBER 31, 1996 AT 12:37 PM


“I am Saint Catherine Laboure.

It is sad when We hear so much negativism regarding This Gift of The Father’s Love, that He has allowed so much Instruction for the benefit of all mankind, for all races, all creeds.

When One Saint is speaking, there are Many Others of Us standing by.  We watch the reactions, also the feelings that some project inwardly, not just desiring the Words to be Truth from Here, but Words of Direction that will strengthen one’s will, one’s understanding, one’s hope, for one’s Goal to be reached at a given time.

Children of all ages are not being instructed properly on the Importance of human life and the Reason for which it was created.  At this time throughout the world We hear so many who find themselves preaching from the Bible, and they are encouraging everyone present to agree with their determinations on what they have just read.  It is true the Bible is a Book of instruction, but it is also true that the Bible, in its conciseness, does not clarify every Statement in its full measure, full degree, full text.

The Father has given to mankind at different times what mankind calls ‘True Mystics’.  There has never been a Path that anyone of these had or has, that did not, was not, involved in much jealousy, because individuals, hearing the important parts of many subjects, do not always have the ability to see the in-depth meaning.  That is why This Miracle Of The Beloved Saint Joseph clearly states without question, the Values, the Truths that mankind should hold close to them, and value the informative Directions, Statements that give strength morally, physically, mentally, to the mind and to the Faith that an individual has in God.

We hear careless remarks that bring a sadness to Us, only because We see the jealousy behind them, and the lack of realization that mankind understands God to have where man is concerned.

When an individual is asked, ‘Who made you?’ it is automatically expected to be answered, ‘God made me,’ but mankind has become so humanistically automated to say, ‘My parents made me.’ This is a sadness, because it leaves out the Most Important Part of human creation, because God truly has a Part in life that mankind has dwindled in Faith of.

The world is in chaos morally, physically, spiritually.  There are so many who feel that they have the knowledge, the ability to instruct others on what life is all about.  It is sad when We hear some of the interpretations, because there is so much humanism, egoism, and in some cases satanism in their retorts.

So Many of Us Here in the Heavens have spoken through This Miracle of Divine Love, and All that has been presented has been to encourage men, women and children to be aware of the privilege it is to be human, and the importance it is to protect the Soul from all impurities, because the Soul is a Portion of The Father.

No one has ever been, or ever will be, able to describe what The Father Is.  He is beyond all explanation.  He is The Creator of All Things.  He is beyond human understanding, and He is referred to as ‘He’ because it is easier for man to handle a word that the intellect can relate to.

The world has been Blessed in many ways through This Miracle that has instructed in so many areas, especially those areas that have allowed so Many of Us Saints to speak, encouraging mankind to see the Beauty of The Father’s Love, that when the human life ends, Life goes on in a different manner, different degree, but it is an Active Life, and a Life that is in total service to The Father’s Will.

Heaven is a Place indescribable.  Sainthood is indescribable, but then would it not be wise to reach for what you know is Special for All Eternity?  So be it.”

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