ON OCTOBER 31, 1996 AT 1:25 PM


“I am Saint Rose of Lima.  It is a privilege to be a Part in This Gift of The Father’s Love.

The world has been Blessed in many ways because of This Miracle of His Personal Love, for the sake of the Souls of all of mankind.  The word ‘love’ to mankind is not always fully understood in the magnitude of its meaning.  Love, in essence, means sacrifice, hope, sincere interest, and attention, personal attention.

The Father’s Love for mankind is above and beyond what human beings can understand it to be, because in His Love, He instilled a Portion of Himself in the conception of human life, and It is never seen.  It is to be returned to Him at a time when the human life ends, but His Love for mankind was to never end, and that is why He instills in each human life a Portion of Himself, because of His Love for this creation that was to imitate Him, honor Him, and be in close contact with Him at all times.

This Precious Gift of Divine Love is beyond what human love is like, because human love is but an imitation of Divine Love.

This Miracle has Blessed mankind with Personal Attention, Personal Information, Personal Instruction, and mankind, in fully understanding a Love like this, will use every effort morally, physically, spiritually, so that one day the human side will see, feel and enjoy, through the Soul, the Reality of God.”

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