ON NOVEMBER 1, 1996 AT 1:42 PM


“I am Saint Charles Borromeo.  There are so many subjects so Many of Us Saints request to speak about, because of the importance they are to mankind.

It is important that in the educational fields there is a close watch on the credibility of the subjects being taught, on the subject matter that is proposed for certain individuals to learn about, that will give their abilities more aptitude to be able to allow them greater accomplishment in fields of education that will enable their lives to see more indepthly, logic, truths, facts and practices that will not cover just what the book says, but will be beneficial to their way of life.

This Miracle The Father has given to the world is a Miracle of Practicality.  There is nothing ever given that is beyond human understanding or encouragement to seek out, to follow what is beneficial to the human mind or the goals.

I speak very slowly through this little one that The Father uses as a funnel to deliver All that He wants mankind to be alerted to, responsible to, and be able to use What is given to benefit them in many, many ways.  As I speak through a very tired voice, I speak with a personal understanding of what it means to serve The Father’s Will, and what it means to encourage others to more fully understand how beneficial human life is because of the talents that so many have in different arts, different historical valuable information, plus the aptitude that so many are encouraged to use mathematically in so many different vocations of life.

There are Several of Us standing Here together, All eager to help mankind more fully understand that human life is a privilege, and that it has a Goal beyond what the human mind can conceive, can fathom, can understand.

Repetitiveness is important when it is spoken or directed, because within the human mind repetitiveness has encouragement in it, and in many ways has a strength beyond what the average normal enthusiasm, interest, of a man, woman or child feels.

I smile at each one here because your Faith in God is obvious, your love for Him obvious.  That is why it is a privilege to be able to speak through This Miracle of The Father’s Love for the benefit of all mankind, because of the Souls that each human life is the custodian of.  So be it.”

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